Love and Sorrow: Dynamic Aura Narrates

Love and Sorrow: Dynamic Aura Narrates

The Senior Editor (SE) of this publication had an exclusive interview with the 18 year old, book author, Dineo Kodisang (DK), who is driven by her imagination, life lived and daily motivations.

Below is the interview;

SE: Who is Dineo Kodisang also known as Dynamic Aura?

DK: Dineo Kodisang is an 18 year author that was born and bred in Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa. She is a go getter that does not let the world limit what she can do. She is a writer at heart and a blogger most of the time. She is a female that many believe has shown great courage to follow her dreams and succeed. Some believe that she is a true example of never giving up. She is a bright individual that loves her craft and she realizes that as much as she has not reached the stage she wants to be in she has done so amazingly and most of all she is finally an award winning female author, that’s all she’s ever wanted .

SE: Love and Sorrow, what lead to writing this book?

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DK: I believe her passion for writing is what led Dineo into writing Love And Sorrow as much as she found the inspiration in her peers, her personal life and surrounding.Her passion is really what led her into writing the book. I say this because there were where she felt like her writing was not good enough but she kept going. Days where she felt like her story line did not connect but she kept trying anyway so I believe that her love for writing is what truly led her into writing, finishing and polishing Love And Sorrow 

SE: At 17, do you think you have enough years and experience to write about the subject matters?

DK: I was 13 when I wrote Love And Sorrow and no I believe I was not enough to understand the subjects I chose but I wrote them in a perspective that I found fit as young and inexperienced as I was I believe for a book that was written by a 13 year old it shows that I discussed the subjects to the best of my ability and as someone that has a wild imagination I believe Love And Sorrow did not reflect my age but it reflected my love for writing and my desperate need for change in terms of teenage pregnancy, depression and all the social issues that are linked to loving someone. 

SE: Who inspired you into writing?

DK: I inspired myself. I had a few writers that I knew but they didn’t inspire me however a writer that pushed me into publishing and she still does is Degratia Letupu . She is also an upcoming writer but she played a huge role into me finding a publisher and just taking it from there .

SE: One of your greatest life lessons?

DK: One of my greatest life lessons was realizing that not everyone is forever and not everyone is meant to stay in your longer than they are meant to no matter how much you need them to. I realised that some people are there for a period of time to teach you a certain lesson that you will carry for the rest of your life 

SE: How did you feel when you got the The Book Behind Best Young Adult Author 2021 recognition?

DK: I never thought I’d ever win an award as an author and when I was nominated it was well with my soul that all I deserved was a nomination and I was going to run with it. I remember I was announced as the winner of the award, I broke into tears because this was so major to me. It proved that people think I am as amazing as i think I am. I felt like everything was perfect and everything fell into place in terms of my writing career cause now I knew that people saw what I was capable of. I honestly felt like I was a superwoman that can do whatever she puts her mind to 

SE: What would you tell a young aspiring writer like yourself?

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DK: You are amazing. Your storyline is perfect. It does not need you to change anything. The world is ready for you and your work. Your writing is not cliche. I say these words to an aspiring writer because I believe it’s what I needed to hear at a certain point and time as a writer. I needed someone to reassure that the world is ready and you just have to give it a shot its going to work out .

SE: Can we expect more books?

DK: Definitely, the year 2022 is where I will publishing more and hoping that I succeed 

SE: How can one access the book?

DK: They can contact me on my social media or they can visit to get a digital copy and also

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Personal Instagram account  : dynamicaura_1 Work account : pieceswithdineo Twitter: @dynamicaura_1 /author of Love And Sorrow 

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