Kitchen,Winery, Ramp Mister!

Kitchen,Winery, Ramp Mister!

From being a successful chef and wine taster to being one of Zimbabwe’s best pageant male model. Catching up with Nathan Mukasa as we enjoy some of his man made cocktails , we get to know more about his achievements in his career and what it means in being the winner of the Prince 2022 title during Mister Zimbabwe 2022 which was held last year.

In addition, we get tips on how to cook on the Chef Nathan’s favourite meal.

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TR: Winning Mr Zimbabwe- Prince title what does it signify in your life?
NM: Growing up i had always been a shy and passive little boy. I took on modeling as a way to challenge my self esteem and confidence. As such, becoming the Prince of Zimbabwe means that shy and passive little boy has been defeated.

TR: Your evening suit became the talk of the event, who was behind your dress-code?
NM: I was dressed by CandC clothing, undoubtedly one of the best designers I have encountered. The suit, which is a cocktail evening piece, is an embodiment of my mixology business (cocktail_sensei) whose primary mandate is turn an ordinary experience into an amazing one.
Just like the cocktails, its not about the suit, but the experience that comes with it.

TR: Becoming the 3rd model from the city of Bulawayo to win the title consecutively .What is your take of your predecessors?
NM: Inspiring, definitely one of the reasons why I was motivated to take part in Mr Zim in the begin and its an honour to be part of the Kings of Bulawayo.

TR: Whom in the world of fashion are you hoping to work with ?
NM: Artur Otarov(Artur Fit), Wass Rzk, Tino Chinyani and not forgetting the King of Runway Shadel Noble .

TR: Confidence plays a key role in the world,what’s your advise to those who are lacking it ?
NM: “Low self-confidence isn’t a life sentence” -Barrie Davenport. Self-confidence can be learned, practiced, and mastered — just like any other skill.
Once you master it, everything in your life will change for the better. So challenge yourself and release the lion/lioness within you.

TR: Among Zimbabwe’s supermodels whom did you look up to when growing up ?
NM: Shadel Noble, he has made history in and outside the country.

TR: You are also a Chef and Wine expert can you tell us about your journey as a chef ?
NM: Wow it’s such an amazing industry I’m in, however hard work pays .
I had wanted to be in the tourism and hospitality industry since primary school .
When I had an opportunity to have an experience with Meikles hotel,this dream officially came true and alive.
I began studying tourism and hospitality management at the school of tourism and hospitality which got me my first job at Cresta Churchill (it’s one of the best hotels in the country).
From then i have worked at a number of amazing establishments namely Holiday Inn (Byo), Troutbeck Resort (Nyanga) and The Victoria Falls Hotel where my other career ,Wine & mixology studies mushroomed .

TR: What do you love about your other career Wine expert ?
NM: The experience of tasting the different flavours of various grape varities on my palette and having to pair those flavour notes with the right food.
Also I genuinely love the joy on a guests face after suggesting to them a wine and they love it, actually It makes my heart smile.

TR: Given a chance to own a restaurant and a wine brand, what name would you give to your restaurant and wine brand (why)?
NM: The Restaurant I’m going to open will be called ‘Mi casa’ which means ‘My home’, the reason being the restaurant will be centered on giving you a meal experience like no other with the finishing touch of a homey feel.
Then the wine will be Complacer which is spanish for Indulge. The name advocates for wine lovers to allow one self to enjoy the pleasure of wine.

TR: How many glasses would you advise one to have of wine in a day?
NM: I wouldn’t advice people to drink wine everyday.
Wine is a delicate drink and needs to be treated with respect. Therefore only have a glass of wine when the time and menu is right.

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TR: Changing tables to the kitchen area,what is your favourite dish?
NM: Tbone Steak with 2 sunny side up eggs, cheese sauce and some fries.

TR: Share with us the method of how one can prepare your favourite dish ?
NM: Marinate steak with your choice of favourite sauces and spices
-make incisions(small cuts) on the edges of the meat so that it doesn’t shrink while cooking.
-prepare the grill while meat is resting
-after 45mins grill the steak until cooked to your liking
-Drizzle worchester sauce on the steak before removing it from the grill.
-serve hot with 2 sunny side up eggs on top and cheese/mushroom sauce on the side.
*prepare traditional home made fries and serve alongside the steak.

TR:As a foodie and a wine expert what are your rules when conducting your job?
NM: 1- Give the guest a remarkable dinning experience
2.-Complexity is important therefore the food and wine should be well balanced in all aspects.
3- Hygiene is everything so clean as you go.

TR: Tell us about your company , Cocktail Sensei?
NM: Cocktail Sensei came about after being exposed to the wonderful world of mixology. After which i decided to create the liquid chef who seeks to spread happiness as far as beverages are concerned.

TR: What do you have in-store for us this year as Nathan ?
NM: 2022 is focused on growing myself as a brand as well as networking as much as possible.

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