Dineo’s Love & Sorrow book now on Amazon

Dineo’s Love & Sorrow book now on Amazon

Love and Sorrow introduces us to to the life of a young teenager Dineo Kodisang. She is telling her life story and how she ended up being old, with murder charges and a unique son and daughter.

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The novel starts by introducing us to Dineo’s “love of her life”, the first time deliberately. She later meets and gets married to Mpendulo Mhlongo, who seems perfect but with little that she knows he was the second soul to die because of her and “love”

Readers will be immersed into a world of love, motherhood, death and terror. Readers can expect a sense of humour here and there, they can also expect tragedy. They will learn the importance of family, friends and forgiveness. They can expect to be a part of a world that is ever changing and a world worth revisiting, it will never get old no matter how many times they revisit it.
The book ends with Dineo regaining strength to go on with life.

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