ZAPU Aspiring Lobengula -Magwegwe MP promises youth empowerment  

ZAPU Aspiring Lobengula -Magwegwe MP promises youth empowerment  

As the nation of Zimbabwe is heading to the polls, part of the political parties that are contesting in this year’s harmonised elections is ZAPU. 

My Afrika Mag had an exclusive conversation with one of its members who is contesting as an aspiring member for Lobengula-Magwegwe, Nigel Ndlovu. 

During our conversation, Nigel Ndlovu explains the vision of ZAPU, youths in politics, and what his main goals are if his elected in his first 100 days in office. 

TR: What are your intentions in running for public office?
NN: My intentions are to serve and represent the interests of the people of Lobengula Magwegwe Constituency in Parliament. I also intend to push the interests of ZAPU and the people of Zimbabwe.

359827058_6367111180049932_8950119487763902093_n ZAPU Aspiring Lobengula -Magwegwe MP promises youth empowerment  

TR: If elected in office as a Member of Parliament, what are your main goals in your 100 days in office?
Short and Long Term goals (100)days.

•Set up a Lobengula Magwegwe Constituency MPs office for 24hr and daily feed
•Community Meetings with all 3 wards, assess the needs of all the 3 wards and jot them down, and be ready to present them in parliament.
• 24-hour WhatsApp hotline for Lobengula Magwegwe Constituency Groups administered by media students and community leaders in the Constituency.I will sponsor their data.
•Presentation and allocation of CDF to the community of Lobengula Magwegwe Constituency. A Taskforce will be formed in all the 3 wards for accountability.

TR: During the previous elections a number of young people were considered as the majority of voters. This year they are contesting for public offices.
It’s good to see more young people running for public office. Though I still feel and notice the numbers are still low for youthful voters and candidates. I look forward to the day young people will fully participate in the electoral processes.

TR: Unemployment is the major challenge for young people in Zimbabwe, yet your party has members who are aged over 60 running for public office. How are you going to push for their right to be empowered? 
In ZAPU young people are starting to take over important positions in the party, in 10 years’ time young people will be running the show, we just need more young people to protect the legacy of our Zipra forefathers, we need the elders for wise counsel. I am a reflection of youth empowerment, as young people we need to kick down the doors if the doors of governance are closed. Youth empowerment starts with occupying top positions in parties and government.

TR: If elected in office how are you going to make sure that devolution happens in your constituency and Province?

349971243_651359773704388_90610878597337925_n-1024x461 ZAPU Aspiring Lobengula -Magwegwe MP promises youth empowerment  

NN: I will make sure devolution funds reach the ward level. I will do this by tracking the funds from the provincial level and making sure they reach my ward. I will also propose this solution in parliament.

TR. General why should people trust your party?
ZAPU just like any Zimbabwean has been cheated and harassed by the Ruling Party. It is for this reason that people must believe ZAPU is here for the people after getting out of the cohesive, unfair unity accord in 2009.ZAPU is the original revolutionary party that freed Zimbabwe from the chuckles of colonial rule. Lastly, ZAPU must be trusted because, unlike any other party, ZAPU remains the only nationalistic, nontribal, non-racial, non-tribal party in Zimbabwe.

Who is Nigel Ndhlovu

Nigel Ndlovu is a Media Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Politician, Activist, and current CEO of Aicon Media a film production company he started in 2019 with the vision of telling the best authentic Zimbabwean and African stories through film, he is also the marketing executive of a steel and aluminum fabrication company called Sizanani Batsiranai Engineering Group.

Both Companies work with young people to empower them with appropriate life-long skills in Lobengula Magwegwe Constituency and Bulawayo.

15977456_1221690574592044_4540492932723028612_n ZAPU Aspiring Lobengula -Magwegwe MP promises youth empowerment  

Born on 31 December 1991. Nigel Ndlovu has over 11 years in the creative and media sectors. Nigel Ndlovu is an alumni of the MJ Bear Fellowship (USA) with the Online News Association.

Nigel has been advocating for social justice issues and youth governance issues for the past 8+ years.

In 2020 Nigel was arrested for a silent peaceful protest in his constituency New Magwegwe Termius, fighting for his community, and countrymen, during the 31 July movement, after 4 months of court proceedings Nigel was acquitted.

At 26 Nigel was one of the few youthful candidates to run for an MP seat during the 2018 national elections as an independent candidate.

Nigel is currently the Aspiring Member of Parliament for Lobengula Magwegwe Constituency under the Zimbabwe African People’s Union. He is running as an MP Candidate for his constituency for the second time.

He remains determined and committed to changing his community and Country.

Nigel holds a BA in Media Studies from the Zimbabwe Open University. Nigel is passionate about fighting for minority groups and suppressed voices.

He also has a strong passion for the arts, sports, and media.

Nigel has won several media and film awards in Zimbabwe & Africa, having been specially mentioned by the International Monetary Fund in 2020 as a media fellow, Nigel has also developed media platforms that have seen him nominated at the African Influencer Awards Twice and one nomination at the African Audio and  Podcasting Awards.

Nigel remains a strong youthful voice , and socio and political change agent, who continues to denounce bad governance and repressive laws in Zimbabwe

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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