Refugee Struggles: A showcase at EU film festival Botswana

The 5th edition of the European Film Festival in Botswana has been running from the 24th of May to 27th May, under the theme, ‘Fighting for…’.

The ceremony is being graced by European filmmakers along with film experts from Botswana and across the African continent. One of the opening films to the festival was, “An Invisible Omen: A Notion Of Going Home”, a movie that follows the journey of Abishai Peter Sofikasi Mbarimbari who has been forced to flee his home due to a long-standing civil war in South Sudan. The film tells the story of his struggle as tries his best to survive and seek a better life for a family he is separated from and everything he has ever known; a life displaced on the grounds “pursuit of a better life, reads a post on the EU in Botswana Facebook.

The UN and the African Union have called to the end of the civil war in Sudan which has caused millions of people to be dispersed  across the world.

The festival showcased films from other European countries such as Turkey, Germany, Poland and Belgium. 

‘Second successful evening of the European Film Festival will the very moving Ukrainian film „Homeward“ and “Cell 10”, a Botswana short film by ButterScotch Productions about the painful topics of child abuse and death penalty.

Following the screening, the film crew told the public how they went through the production of the film.’ (EU in Botswana Facebook statement reads)

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