Rwanda Genocide: Suspect found in the South, two decades later

One of the world’s most wanted genocide suspects, Fulgence Kayishema a former Rwandan police chief, has been arrested in South Africa on Wednesday.

He is charged for playing a leading role in the murder of at least 2000 people in a church in 1994.

He was arrested at Paarl, North-east of Cape Town. Where he was a fugitive for two decades and has been using a false name.

Kayishema was detained by South African Police and members of a tracking team from Rwandan War crimes tribunal base in Arusha Tanzania (Guardian Newspaper).

Serge Brammertz the tribunal chief prosecutor said Kayishema will face the music for his crime.

“Genocide is the most serious crime known to humankind. The international community has committed to ensure that its perpetrators will be prosecuted and punished.

“This arrest is tangible demonstration that this commitment does not fade, and that justice will be done, no matter how long it takes,” said Brammertz.

From the 96 indicated, Kayishema is among the four who are major suspects.

There are still more than 1000 others wanted by Rwandan prosecutors for playing a major role in the 100days of genocide.

Kayishema was a Hutu police inspector he is accused of leading a role in rounding up Tutsis in the area and confining them in the compound of a parish church in the settlement of Nyange, where Tutsis had already sought refuge . (AJ NEWS)

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