Nicola Watson: ‘I will continue advocating for all pensioners…’

Nicola Watson: ‘I will continue advocating  for all pensioners…’

Born on 10 July 1955 is a Zimbabwean accountant and politician running for the Member of Parliament (MP) seat for Bulawayo South constituency Honorable Nicola Watson in the August 2023 elections under the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) banner.

She was previously one of the women parliamentary representatives elected in 2013. She is described by her fellow party members as someone who has always stood by her principles and has dedicated her time and energy toward the development of her constituency and the nation at large.

Hon Watson is currently the sitting MP for Bulawayo Central and she is eyeing to be back in parliament under the Bulawayo South Parliament seat. Due to the delimitation report, Hon Watson who is under Triple C is battling for the seat against a seating ZANU PF member of parliament in Bulawayo South.

Hon Watson kicked off her campaign this month in Makokoba a new area in Bulawayo South. She informed, My Afrika Magazine that she received well received by the residents of Makokoba.

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Watson further added, that the residents of Makokoba shared some of their grievances and what they are hoping to see from her when she is elected as their Member of Parliament.

The aspiring Bulawayo South member of parliament, Hon Watson said her track record as the Bulawayo Central MP has been her mouthpiece to the voters. Hence she believes she is the rightful candidate for the Member of Parliament, Bulawayo South Constituency.

She said her vision for the Bulawayo South residents is for a better life that will be equal for all, which is why her campaign manifesto is themed ‘for everyone’.

“The CCC party and my vision for Bulawayo South and Zimbabwe is to create a society that encompasses everyone. Our campaign is based on the ‘for everyone’ slogan. Which means rebuilding our economy to provide formal jobs in order to provide incomes to families so that they can support themselves and also to rebuild pensions for pensioners etc,” she said.

Hon Watson also said she has been raising her voice in parliament about the insurance policy bill to be passed. However, she said her campaign for fair pension for all has been falling on deaf ears, as she was hoping that the bill would have been passed before the adjoining of the current sitting parliament.

Ironically the Bulawayo South constituency is dominated by pensioners who are relying on their pension funds to pay their bills.

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Hon Watson said she will continue to advocate for both civil servants and none civil servants pensioners and for social grants to be awarded to pensioners who don’t have pensions. When asked what the residents of her constituency should expect in her first 100 days, her response was delivery.

Hon Watson said she will work with councilors in her constituency Wards 5 and 7 to address the issues of the water and electricity crisis and advocate for social grants.

She further added that a number of children in Bulawayo South Constituency are not furthering their education due to a lack of financial assistance hence they are engaging in drugs. Watson said in her term in office in Bulawayo South she is going to fight against drug and alcohol abuse.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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