Africa remembers the late legendary mbira player

Africa remembers the late legendary mbira player

Traditional Mbira instrument is one of the unique and most sacred African traditional music instruments and playing the mbira can summon the spirits of dead ancestors hence women should not play the instrument.

On the 24th of July in 2013 the nation of Zimbabwe was covered by a dark cloud as the news of the passing legendary Mbira musician Chiwoniso Maraire was announced.

channels4_profile Africa remembers the late legendary mbira player

Chiwoniso Maraire was one of the few, female artists in the world who fused the Mbira instrument along with her music.

The fusion of the two for those who are based in the diaspora brings to them the sounds and air of Africa.

Chiwoniso Maraire who passed away at the age of 37 at South Medical Hospital in Chitungwiza passed away a year after the death of her ex-husband Andy Brown.

The couple left behind two daughters, Chengeto and Chiedza.

Part of the late legendary’s prominent works includes her album, ‘Ancient Voices’.

The album consisted of songs such as ‘Nhemamusasa, Ancient of Voices, Iwai Nesu, Tamari and Everyone’s Child among others.

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