DEBATE: Team Zim face off the world for Africa

DEBATE: Team Zim face off the world for Africa

Zimbabwe’s National Debate Team at the finals series of the World Schools Debate Championships which is made up of Menzimuhle Ncube (Team Captain), Mukudzeiishe Madzivire, Ariel Chiza,Denver Musamirapamwe has reached to the quarterfinals.

In the Partial Double Octos, the team faced Croatia and emerged victorious with a stunning 3-0 win, and in the Octo-Finals, they went head-to-head with Bangladesh and secured a hard-fought victory with a score of 3-2.

362578804_311956171183566_7709801600546166897_n-1024x505 DEBATE: Team Zim face off the world for Africa

Out of the 64 countries that participated, only 8 countries remain. Zimbabwe is the only African country that is still in the tournament.

Their first two debate sections they faced off with Uganda, debating whether “the World Bank Group should adopt a one-country-one-vote system, and in their second section they went, head-to-head with Pakistan, proposing the use of the nine planetary boundaries framework. It’s a motion which was close to their hearts.

The team said, they are honored not only to be the only African country remaining in the competition but in seeing their dreams being fulfilled.

“We are honored to represent not only our beloved country but also our continent and all those who share our dreams, passion, and appearance. We stand together as a united team, inspiring others to believe in their own potential.” said statement on Zimbabwe National Debate Team Facebook page

362905911_249830594516538_6476409903609282653_n-1024x683 DEBATE: Team Zim face off the world for Africa

“Today, we would also like to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to our incredible national team coaches. Without their guidance, support, and dedication, this journey would not have been possible. A special shoutout to Coach Mace (Head Coach), Senior Coaches Thembani & Mary, and Junior Coaches Nkosilathi, Methembe, and Providence,” they concluded.

Zimbabwe face Malaysia in the quarterfinals.

Tapiwa Rubaya

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