6 years ago, multi pageant patron Mercy Mushaninga founded one of Zimbabwe’s male pageant well known as Mister Zimbabwe. 

Mercy Mushaninga is currently the patron of the pageant along with  Madam Rose .

polish_20211005_2022457329166144796644498146 MISTER ZIMBABWE PAGEANT ORGANISERS LAUNCH ANOTHER TITLE

The mandate of the pageant is to empower the make models in the industry by providing them a spotlight as they will be  spotted by established brands, who might request them to be their brand ambassadors. 

The pageant was established at a time when many critics, criticized the organisers of fashion and modeling pageant events for abandoning the boy child in the sector.

Mister Zimbabwe started as part of the Zimbabwe Models Awards .

The male model who gunned more votes during ‘People’s Choice’ category at the Zimbabwe Models Awards was automatically coronoted as the King aka Mister Zimbabwe . 

In the year 2017, Harare based model  Rish Verma became the first Mister Zimbabwe to win the title as he had more votes compared to his other counterparts . 

The following year, runway model  and reigning Mister Global Africa, Shadel Noble from Bulawayo became the second male model to win the title. 

In 2019 the title returned to the Sunshine City of Harare as Byron Mulinga became the third and last title holder to win the pageant, via People’s Choice’s selection . 

  Mercy Mushaninga along with the Mister Zimbabwe team organisers introduced a physical pageant competition for Mister Zimbabwe title in 2020. 

polish_20210905_1642255338902703432581014039 MISTER ZIMBABWE PAGEANT ORGANISERS LAUNCH ANOTHER TITLE

This meant that the audiance and the judges were to decided who will be Mister Zimbabwe along with the runner ups , People’s Choice winner and the Brand Ambassador title. 

As the People’s Choice category was not removed from the pageant, which meant the public continues to have a decision on who can hold the people’s choice title.

Former Mister Zimbabwe Africa International (2020-2021)who is currently the third runner up for Mister Africa International,Devson Luzane was crowned Mister Zimbabwe.

His coronation marked the first Mister Zimbabwe who had to catwalk to win the title. 

Luzane was succeeded by Edgar’s brand ambassador Adonis Ncube in 2021. 

Everyone is curious to know who will be taking over from Ncube come the 18th of December as the new Mister Zimbabwe Junior will be crowned. 

In an exclusive Interview with Mercy Mushaninga informed My Afrika Mag,that Mister Zimbabwe organisers have introduced a new title for the contestants in the pageant, the title will be named Mister Zimbabwe senior. 

The Mister Zimbabwe organisers had to introduce the new title as to give models from all ages and opportunity to take part in the event . 

“We have always wanted to have a pageant for a classic models that is why we are introducing Mister Zimbabwe Senior, also men they differ from boys,”said Mercy Mushaninga.

She added that the age group of Mister Zimbabwe Senior starts from 35 years going up wards.

The duties of Mister Zimbabwe senior winners will be mentoring the junior Mister Zimbabwe, healthy and social wise.

Both Mister Zimbabwe Senior and Junior are to be hosting in Harare on the 18th of December.


Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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