The world of fashion is not about modelling and dress, it’s also about what type of shoes you wear. 

Exclusive footwear brand ‘LandLords footwear’ is dominating the world of sneakers.

Tapiwa Rubaya caught up with young entrepreneur, Rashid Stewart, as he provides an insight to us about his brand and how it has managed to stay connected with its clients during the COVID 19 pandemic season.

TR: Rashid Stewart thank you for your time can you begin by introducing yourself to our readers?

RSMy name is Rashid Stewart Thobega and I’m born and breed in Johanesburg South Africa.

I’m the Founder of LandLords Footwear and currently also serve as CEO of the small company.

TR: Why did you thought of naming your brand ‘Landlords ‘ instead of naming it using your personal name?

RSLandlords is a symbol of ownership. 

Landlords is simply claiming ownership over our lifes, our destiny! Landlords is occupying various spaces and regaining control over those spaces, it might be In the cooperate world, sports etc, make sure you play your role and own that position.

TR: When you established your brand what are the main challenges that you faced and how did you managed to solve them?

RSThe biggest challenge was finances, others where merely small aspects that needed research. 

I down estimated the finances required for the project which led me to get one partner so we could share the costs and draft contractual agreements.

TR: The Landlords sneakers are made of the colour yellow, why did you favoured the colour yellow to be used in your products, what does its significance of the colour?

RSWe made the sneakers available to the market on the 11th November 2020, festive season was just a stone throw away, so I felt that a loud color would be very visible for such a season.

 It was not really a science affair in choosing the color

TR: What makes these sneakers to stand unique when comparing them with other sneakers across the fashion industry?

RSCurrently in South Africa, local black owned brands are booming, and we are the only ones who choose the classic retro look, everyone else is doing trendy styles, so we followed on the classic path rather done what’s hot.

TR: What type of materials that you using for the sneakers?

RSThe material is canvas, which has been used for many years by the likes of Allstar.

TR: Currently the world is battling the COVID 19 pandemic, what measures did you take to make sure your company survives this pandemic?

RSTo stay success free from Covid, stay online. Build solid online platforms you can utilize to showcase your products or services to the world, speed up your delivery methods then your set…..I’m already doing it.

TR: What’s your favourite business motto? 

RSMy favourite business motto would be “I was raised to stay down and rise gradually”.

TR: Who are your most targeted clients and why them?

RSOur targeted clients are you, everyday people because oil pricing is extremely affordable compared to other brands.

TR: Is landlords brand going to venture into other angles in the fashion industry, if yes which ones? 

RSThe fashion industry is too broad and complicated, were not fashion designers, we just want to occupy a niche market on the Footwear space.

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