Males are allowed to voice out and cry

Males are allowed to voice out and cry

A mental health support group that disseminates information from mental health experts to the general public known as ‘Abangane’ partners with reigning Mister Africa International Zimbabwe.

 Abangane is a word which derives from the Ndebele name, meaning friends. The Abangane Platform (Health Support Group) which was founded by Zibusiso Munandi joined hands with the Mark Mabwe to commemorate, ‘World Awareness Suicide month’.

Picture1-2 Males are allowed to voice out and cry
Zibusiso Munandi

The main objectives of Abangane platform are to create a safe place for young people to fully express themselves on the issues affecting them such as unemployment; lack of access to proper recreation access; drugs and substance abuse; unhealthy family dynamics which are effects of individual’s mental health drastically.

Zimbabwe is among countries that have seen a rapid increase of men committing suicides with most of them being unable to share with anyone their problems, due to the African culture which states that men are muscular and cannot cry. 

Mark Mabwe has worked with other organizations such as ‘Boy Child Project’, which is headed by award winning model, Shadel Noble.  The ‘Boy Child’ project has the same values as the ‘Abangane Platform’, although it focuses only at the Boy Child.

Discussions were made about the boy child problems that they face in society and solutions were also revealed during the Boy Child Project campaign.

In working hand in glove with Abangane Platform, Mark Mabwe will be engaging in various campaigns, online discussions, and face to face meetings that Abangane Platform will be conducting every month as an ambassador.

“Mabwe will be able to encourage people to speak out on their mental health issues and get the help they need. And he will be partaking in our activities. In addition, he will be a vocal on Mental Health issues, in his case Men’s mental health as it is part of his project,” said Abangane.

Abangane Platform team members also said that economic situation and unemployment are among factors that have contributed to high cases of both depression and suicide cases in Zimbabwe.

“Economic situation high unemployment to be exact leading to depression. Failures of men makes them depressed; goals not being met. Efforts not being appreciated. Lack of safe space. Men can’t talk out looking at our African culture that encourages men to be strong and not act weak. Mjolo, losing a lover due to cheating or break ups this can cause a man to commit suicide. Looking at the multiple recent cases of men in Harare who committed suicide because their wives were cheating,” said Abangane.

Picture1-5 Males are allowed to voice out and cry

The monthly, Abangane team has been visiting one of the biggest psychiatric hospitals in Zimbabwe’s second capital city of Bulawayo.

This month they have been conducting a Donation Campaigning Drive, collecting food and clothing parcels which will be donated at Engutsheni Hospital.

Abangane was founded in May 2021 by Zibusiso Munandi a mental health advocate who realized the gap that existed in the Community due to lack of information surrounding Mental Health hence the stigma and discrimination he received because of his own mental health condition leading to the birth of Abangane Platform.

For all donations donations contact Abangane at +263773576590

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