EXCLUSIVE: Zim femprenuer on the rise

EXCLUSIVE: Zim femprenuer on the rise

As gender is increasingly becoming fluid, entities are shifting norms whereby women take the lead because of femprenuership.

Femprenuership is a trendy word that women use to describe their role as entrepreneurs.

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My Afrika Magazine caught up with award winning entrepreneur, humanitarian, TV presenter, project manager, consultant, and celebrity ghostwriter Sympathy Sibanda who is a career-oriented women, who share business advice, success stories and lifestyle inspiration to other females.

Charmaine Brown (CB) had an exclusive moment with Sympathy Sibanda (SS) as she unpacks her partnerships and success:

CB: Can you briefly tell us about the journey with Women’s Writers Support Network as the founder?

SS: The journey has been a fulfilling one, creating a safe space for women to share their voices and be heard is quite a great achievement. I wanted to create a tribe and share the stories of women. The network has given me so many experiences and lessons as there is so much that goes into running such a huge initiative. We began with little to no resources however with the work done we have proven that where there is willingness there is a way. Mostly my aim was to provide psychotherapy through writing.

CB: Congrats on your partnership with the Embassy of the State of Palestine, well how do you feel about that

SS:  I am very grateful to occupy such great space and the partnership is a testament of the value of what the organization has to offer. Excited, honored and uplifted all these describe my feeling about the partnership it means that we extend our reach to other places in the world. It also means our influence is being expanded.

CB: Can you tell us more details pertaining to this development on how it will go about.

SS: It is a one of its kind. The Embassy of Palestine will fund a writing competition which will be curated by us as the Women Writers Support Network. The competition welcomes pieces in forms of writing in poetry and creative (fiction and nonfiction). There will be top 3 winners to be announced at the official launch and a little surprise in store. All this will be running under the theme of freedom and hope to show solidarity with women in Palestine. The vision is to launch many chapters across the continent in establishing such partnerships. So michis being done to establish chapters in Africa before year-end. 

CB: I know some people try to wonder how you balance your things when it comes to work, as a presenter, consultant, writer etc. Therefore, can you clarify on that so that others get inspired

SS: The work requires a sense of balance in terms of what is important prioritizing your time and a clear schedule. A support system is required as well. Recruiting the right team and people around you is the magic. I have a number of projects from Bluescroll Consultancy which specializes in writing and publishing, Amandla Brands which mainly is about retail food products as peanut butter and nuts and the Women Writers Support

Network which launched the Anthology ” Seasons ” that is now available on sale. I wear so many hats and the demand for my dedication is very much high. I am driven to break down set standards hence my application in all these fields with family, the right team and being prayerful playing a role in shaping who I have become. I don’t take credit but am grateful for the support around me.

CB: What inspired you to have a gist on mentoring other women?

SS: The aim was to offer women a space for healing and create a tribe of powerful individuals that share their stories remarkably. The book ” Seasons ” brought together women from all walks of life and that was an indication of the mission to share Women’s stories throughout the world. I believe to transform society we need to empower and give women a voice. We aim to establish more chapters of the Women Writers Support Network to empower more women. A day doesn’t pass without someone asking for mentorship in one-way if the other, so doing it in one place has resolved a lot

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CB: What has been your biggest accomplishment in your career thus far?

SS: Well, being an award-winning brand helped to establish my food manufacturing company and also being chosen to work with the phenomenal Dr Divine Simbi Ndhlukula on her library initiative as a project manager was a fulfilling task.

CB: What one word best sums up you and your vision?

SS: Hope

CB: As a businesswoman, what is one piece of advice you would give to other women who want to pursue a business?

SS: Be in the pursuit of your greatest goals, find your space and own it. You have what it takes, to excel is possible.

Charmaine Brown

Charmaine Brown is 27 years old, media personnel. She studied Media and Society Studies (2017-2020) at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. Charmaine had an internship at The Herald and presently is the Editor for My Afrika Magazine. She currently lives in Harare.

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