‘Lupane Veggies Guys’ launches sausage workshop making

‘Lupane Veggies Guys’ launches sausage workshop making

Lupane Veggies Guys are set to host a sausage workshop making programme in Bulawayo on the 28th of January 2023.

The sausage making workshop is being spearheaded  by one of the members of Lupane Veggies team who has been based in Seychelles and has been conducting the similar workshop there.

Confirming the news to My Afrika Mag, one of the members of Lupane Veggies Team namely Makhosi Godonga KaMahlangu said:

“This month we are having a Sausage making workshop and we realized that one of our teammates who has been conducting Sausage making in Seychelles is back home in Zimbabwe and he wants to share part of his experience,” said KaMahlangu.

The event is said to be open to members of the public especially those who want to learn how to make sausages, however they need to register in one of their numbers which is +263781023996.

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He further added that an exhibition expo will be made to exhibit traditional sausages and discussions will be conducted.

Last month, Lupane Veggies Team launched their three natural original drinks during a prominent entertainment event in Bulawayo, ‘The Munch and Sip event.’

The three drinks are made up of the three natural fruits: Umkhemeswane, Umviyo and Tamarind hence all these fruits derive from Binga District.

“Considering that people are used to apple, grape and orange juice which are foreign species, the invention might be new in the food industry,” said KaMahlangu.

However, in years to come the public will embrace it and will be a super hit in supermarkets soon.

He also added that he has high hopes that some of their clients will use social media as their marketing platform to attract members of generation Z.

KaMahlangu won a gong during the Gourmand Awards for his book which he worked along with P.Manya and R.Colaniz.

He also described his achievement as a sign of international recognition of the continent’s food.

The book African Kale is available online (www.africanfoodrevolution.com) and it’s free both online and in hard copy.

KaMahlangu is the future of traditional African foods (TAFs), a foodie, a chef, a farmer, an academic and a pantsula for life. He has a strong background in food processing, novel food designs, modern culinary trends, sustainable food trends and science acumen in TAFs. He comes from a village called Sivalo in Nkayi District (Zimbabwe), one of the world’s most food-insecure regions. He obtained a BSc in Food Science and Technology at the University of Zimbabwe.

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Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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