Ministers Ellard & Sharon Cherayi Showcase Unifying Power of Music in Marriage and Ministry

Ministers Ellard & Sharon Cherayi Showcase Unifying Power of Music in Marriage and Ministry

“A Couple That Sings Together, Stays Together” is an inspirational mantra that speaks to the unifying power of music. 

There is something special about singing together that brings people closer, for a couple that sings together it brings joy and unity to a relationship. 

This is true of Ministers Ellard and Sharon Cherayi, a married couple who have been singing gospel music together for many years specialising in traditional hymns and contemporary gospel songs with passionate vocal harmonies, which brings joy and hope to audiences all over the Christian world. 

Their performance is not just about singing, but also about connecting with their audience and spreading the love of God through music.

Ministers Ellard and Sharon Cherayi’s commitment to music and faith is evident every time they step onto the stage. Whether they are performing alone or with their full band, their performances are always uplifting, heartfelt, and soulful.

“The Bible says One can chase a thousand but two can chase ten thousand. This has been a reality in our ministry and life,” says Ellard Cherayi of their ministry as a couple.

“It is very rare to find a spouse that has the same passion as you and that supports you in that same industry. But for us, we have managed to complement each other in a unique way. 

“We have managed to build our careers on the love and friendship we share and in turn, it spills over to what we do on stage and it is amazing.”

The couple recently collaborated on their first hymn titled ‘Fara Iwe Moyo Wangu’ which was written, arranged and produced by Michael Manyika with the help of Sharon Manyonganise-Cherayi.

The youthful couple puts God first in all they do, something which they say has been a cornerstone of their marriage.

“Marriage was founded by God. He is the initiator of marriage and the first marriage officer, meaning any marriage that is not founded on Him may not stand,” said Cherayi.

Many have always wondered how music groups and duos reach an agreement or consensus in their creative works.

The Cherayis have it easy.

“I think it’s about knowing your spouse and potential and letting the other shine in their potential not to be a stumbling block to them,” explains Minister Ellard.

“For instance, Sharon is so gifted in the knowledge of music, the art arrangements etc, and when the time comes to rehearsals, writing songs and arrangements, I let her be.”

“On my part, I am a Pastor, the spirituality of music and worship is my expertise, she lets me shine from there. So we complement each other very well and before you know it, the song is done.”

You can watch ‘Fara Iwe Moyo Wangu’ below

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