Charity Annan Adupong’s life is an example that where there is sweat, results are lurking. Having started her business, Meannan foods in 2006 with just the processing of four products, she has increased capacity to over thirty-two products and a scope that covers food sourcing, processing, packaging and distribution.

An accountant by profession, Charity has over 15 years’ experience in both crop and poultry production.

“I started my business after two failures at a chartered accountant exam. I thought why not use that money to start my own business? One day as I walked in a supermarket I saw a badly branded product and thought I could do better. I approached the shop Manager and took my samples and that was the beginning of greater things,” she recalls.

Charity started her business but continued working for another company that produces fertilisers. She hesitated to resign as the company had some comfortable perks. An incident in her company however, forced her to leave and concentrate on her business.

“It took me a long time to finally leave work and focus on my business. Actually it was ten years of working and running my business. The perks I was getting were making my life so comfortable and I wondered how I would manage without them. However, balancing my time was really difficult and the worst thing is I found out one of my new employees was stealing from me, there was a shortage of 17 000 Cedis and yet my business kept going well as if nothing had happened and here I was sitting somewhere working from 8-5 while getting only about 30% of that then I can do even better”

The multiple award winner left employment to concentrate on Meannan and within a few months they had doubled the revenue which was a great encouragement. She also started taking art in many competitions and grants.


“Quitting my job was the best thing I did because now had enough time to take part in competitions with most being grants competitions, I won some which led to the expansion of my business. It was not an easy road but I applaud my leap of faith to this day”

Raised by a single mother, women empowerment is close to Charity’s heart and she has won many awards with her work with women and innovative products like the Global Innovators and inventions awards in London 2018,40 under 40 Agriculture business of the year 2019 and District Agriculture processor of year in 2019.

“I watched my mother work hard as a single mother to fend for her family and this made me want to empower women. Meannan foods now boasts of over 32 products with a direct and indirect employment going up to 100s,70% being women. I’m a full time advocate of women empowerment”
Adupong has worked with industry giants such as Shopright, Game, Melcom and Place supermarkets to mention a few. An accountant turned food and social entrepreneur, the mother and wife she continues to rise and defy the odds.

Sympathy Sibanda

I love life, am a creative, a published author and a serial entrepreneur. Award winning Co-founder at Amandla Brands.


  1. God bless your hustle madam. You are an inspiration to both men and women.
    You are a noble character who never gives up and a purpose driven person that I always admire and learn from. God will see you through in all your endeavors.

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