The song Number 1 is written and produced by Bloodlyne aka Jonah Sithole mostly known for his early rise to fame during the CBZ A Academy days in Zimbabwe. Jonah is currently residing in the Philippines. Featuring on the Bloodlyne produced track is Zimbabwe’s songbird, Gemma Griffiths and also co-produced by Sean Cook.

In an interview with Bloodlyne, he informed us that his collaboration with Gemma comes at a time when the world is battling the COVID-19 virus and there has been less physical communication between loved ones, hence the song Number 1 is written, to bring joy and happiness especially in the lives of those who are in long distance relationships.

With the on going COVID 19 pandemic I felt it as great edition to add a little joy, sunshine, and hope for couples especially those separated by new travelling restrictions and forced into long distance relationship” explained Bloodlyne.

He further explained why he collaborated with Gemma Griffiths, stating that Gemma is a gifted artist and was suitable to be the voice behind the track.

I felt Gemma was a great match for this song as she always brings a refreshing touch with her vocal prowess and soulful texture in her music” said Bloodlyne.

When one listens to the track, they can conclude that two Zimbabwe natives truly blend well together in this new single showcasing the diversity Zimbabwe has to offer artistically. If there is one thing, we can take from this song is that it’s truly a breath of fresh air you want have as a staple aura of positive energy in your playlist.

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