By: Rubaya Tapiwanashe 

It’s said opportunity just comes once in life, but for Sakhile Z opportunity knocked twice in her doorsteps.The first time it acted as a gateway for her in achieving her dreams.

In an exclusive interview with Sakhile Dube (SD), who recently was crowned Miss World Tourism Zimbabwe, My Afrika Magazine reporter Tapiwanashe Rubaya (TR), had to find out how she managed to dust herself up and kept running for the prize despite having failed to win the race before in becoming Miss Zimbabwe in 2017.

The two also discussed the effects of global warming has affected the Tourism industry. 


TR: Sakhile you are not new in the modelling industry; how did it all start?

SD: It all started as a dream since i was a little kid, I’ve always been fascinated by the modeling industry and when I was old enough to understand it, I decided to take a shot at it and try my luck, fortunately enough it has started paying off.

TR: You once took part in Miss Zimbabwe in 2017 and you were part of the finals, what does it mean that your dream to be a Queen has come true?

SD: Indeed, I was one of the finalists in Miss Zimbabwe 2017 but unfortunately I didn’t manage to get the crown because I feel like I wasn’t ready and it wasn’t my time yet but I’m glad that didn’t demotivate me to quit.

Now that I’m Miss Tourism it means that grace has finally located me and its proof that everything has got its own time and that patience and hard work pays

TR: What is the major difference between this platform and Miss Zimbabwe 2017?

SD: Miss Zimbabwe worked as a steppingstone for me, it prepared me for what was to come, which is Miss Tourism.

Whereas Miss Tourism worked as a challenge for me to continue working hard if I wanted any place in this industry. 

TR: You have previously cat walked in a runway in South Africa and in Milan, whom did you work with in the runway and which shows were they?

SD: During the Milan Fashion Week I’ve worked with a few big names like Giorgio Armani, Stella Mc’Cathy and Erika Cavallini to mention just a few.

Whilst in Milan I met some designers from South Africa Thebe Magugu, Sindiso Khumalo and Laduma whom I eventually got an opportunity to work with back in South Africa.

TR: 500usd was part of prize that you won, one might wonder what plans are you going to do with the 500usd?

SD: During bootcamp we were asked to select a tourist attraction of choice and come with strategies on how to improve and keep tourists attracted to them.

I chose Vumba Botanical Gardens hence I’d like to visit Vumba myself to lead by example in promoting/encouraging domestic tourism seeing that its of utmost importance to our economy.

TR: The road of the competition is not over you are going to battle for the Miss World Tourism in China, what message do you have to your fans about the battle you yet to face?

SD: I am Proud to have been the one chosen to Represent Zimbabwe and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve it all alone, so I’d like to say your continued support is appreciated and i hope that as i go on to compete on an international stage your love and support stays strong.

TR: As Miss World Zimbabwe Tourism, what do you think makes Zimbabwe’s Tourism to be unique?

SD: Zimbabwe is an unbeatable travel destination for all sorts, it has a diversity of activities it offers to all types of tourists and that makes it unique. 

TR: Lastly, currently the world is battling not only the Covid-19 pandemic but also the Global Warning crisis. How have these two affected the Tourism industry in Zimbabwe?

SD: Covid-19 has played a huge part in the decline of Tourism industry seeing that the country once closed its doors to international tourists making tourism drop with an enormous 11% due to lack of foreign currency and some imports we gain from international tourists.

On the other hand, global warming is affecting tourism on a large scale because people, animals face challenges of survival because of climate change which in the long run leads to drought, storms and heat waves that directly affect tourism as the tourist’s attractions start declining making it impossible to continue promoting it due to lack of resources and the havoc caused to people’ livelihood and communities.

Thank you for giving My Afrika Magazine an opportunity to interact with you…

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