Born Kelvin Kudzaishe Mandibatsira popularly known as Kelvin ‘Apple Papi’, is one of the most followed Zimbabwean photogenic models on social media, especially on Instagram.

This publication spoke with Kelvin ‘Apple Papi’, on how he has managed to gain, a massive number of followers on his Instagram handle, he also shared the advantages of using social media platforms during the lockdown period and how it contributed to his recognition from the public and other well-known brands.  

TR: What sets you apart from other models and art builders?

KPWhen people look at me and other models, they notice something unique about me. However we are all the same in the arts sector, we are all builders of the arts industry. It might be the way we building the foundation that is the difference that can be observed and the results we produce.

TR: How did you get to where you are today?

KPThe way I handle my work has contributed to where I am today. I’m always hungry and thirsty for more especially when it comes to doing shoots. 

I started my career as a model willing without anyone forcing me and also during my free time, I would conduct shoots. I just woke up and started telling myself that I can be a model because I have the looks and I’m confident.

TR: You are into Photogenic modeling what is your take on Zimbabwe’s photogenic industry? 

KP: One thing that people need to understand about putting modeling is that it’s all about being natural.  However in Zimbabwe Photogenic models are not taken seriously, as everyone who feels like taking a picture is now proclaimed, Photogenic Model. 

TR: Where did your name Apple Papi derive from?

KPI was given the name ‘Apple Papi’ with a brother from another mother, Forget Watchenuka because he knew how I’m a big fan of Apple juice also Apple fruits.

TR: You recently appeared on a local magazine’s cover what did it mean to you and also why is that important for you as a model to appear in an exclusive Magazine?

KPI was so excited to feature in that magazine.

The importance of appearing on a magazine cover gives you the power and courage to keep on doing great work and inspire other upcoming models.

Also to feature in a magazine cover it’s a major way of marketing hence for models it is an advantage, big brands may spot you in that magazine.

TR: What’s your favorite part in every photo that you are shooting in?

KPEvery part of me is my favorite. I thank God for that left side, right side even in front of myself, I still look good, my life it’s a blessing.

TR: How has the social media platform been helpful to you especially during the lockdown and Covid 19 pandemic?

KPSocial media is a marketing platform, for me, it increases followers and popularity. Numbers are changing everyday on all my social media platforms; I am gaining new followers on Instagram every day. Also during the COVID 19 lockdown, I have managed to work with a local brand called “Gutu Tich” the shoot was amazing.

I am one of those who can say, I benefited from social media during the COVID 19 lockdown.

TR: What impact do you want to make in the fashion industry?

KPAll I want is to make a change be, the icon Robert Gabriel Mugabe of the modeling industry in Zimbabwe to change everything and to add the value of Zimbabwe’s modeling sector. 


TR: Are there any designers you would like to work with this year that you haven’t worked with already as their brand ambassador?

KPI would like to work with Rich Check; he is more focused on musicians. I want him to be there to us models, but if any designer comes to me and asks for collaboration, I will partake in it.

TR: How would you describe your sense of style currently?

KPI have a different style like I told you before I want to inspire people, I am more formal, swag, casual, among others so I can be unique.

Follow him on Instagram@kelvinapplepapi

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.


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