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Looking back at her life, Geraldine Zikwature realises she has worked all her life for moments like the ones she faces everyday as she helps fight the Coronavirus pandemic through her company Ezeekleen detergents and Ezeekleen disinfectors subsidiaries of Tally and Nash enterprises.

Inspite of her having employees responsible for disinfecting homes and offices, the business woman usually joins them to deliver oxygen concentrator and disinfect offices and homes; saving more lives against the deadly virus that has shaken the whole world.

“For me, its more than just making the next buck, the philanthropist in me is very happy when I play my part to ensure people remain healthy and safe. To date, no one that we have attended to either through disinfecting or giving a ventilator has died, money is just an extra benefit after helping,’ she explained

The journey has not always been easy for Geraldine, as she started her company making detergents using her mother’s bucket and a cooking stick with a capital injection of $10.Her parents were both entrepreneurs whose own story motivated her to push her dreams. To date, they have more than ten different product lines found in major wholesale and retail stores nationwide.

“Entrepreneurship was passed from parents to me, although I worked in various places like Inscor, Stanbic banks and even as a retail assistant while also paying my way through university. Despite being at the top of my game, I still felt the urge to do more which paved the way for the formation of our company with our flagship product- dishwashing liquid. I failed a lot of times as I wanted to make an original product. Now we have many products in stores like N. Richards, Pick and Pay, SPAR and many others,” she said.

When COVID-19 struck in 2020, the company was quick to adapt and stared supplying essential products like their won Ezee kleen SAZ approved sanitizers and disinfectants. Coupled with this, the businesswoman took up courses with the World health organisation on standard precautions: environmental cleaning and disinfection as well as infection prevention and control for the novel coronavirus.

“Through use of the latest technology and zeal for knowledge, we have taken on WHO approved courses heling us to fight covid 19nthrough disinfecting wiry the latest technology. We use nano technology and specially formulated chemicals that eliminate any stubborn pathogens that may be embedded on walls, curtain or any surfaces without staining surfaces. We have provided services for food factories, hospitals, filling stations, clothing stores and residential places.”

Ezeekleen detergents was one of the first companies in Zimbabwe to start making the disinfecting booth and getting certified to use safe chemicals.

While the pandemic is still here, Geraldine’s vision is to push Ezee kleen health care, a new venture distributing medical supplies; while proceeding with Ezeekleen detergents manufacturing as well as disinfecting services. 

“What I’m mostly passionate about is helping people. Especially now during COVID-19 when most people are scared and hopeless, I find joy in helping people and sometimes making crazy discounts that don’t make business sense. I hope for a time when we will not be forced to be in fight mode anymore. I pray for everyone to remain safe,” Geraldine explained.


  1. This is inspiring, Zimbabwe needs more dedicated entrepreneurs like Geraldine.

    You motivate women as you help the community to fight a battle that many have given up on. You are a star. Be blessed!

  2. Very inspiring and as her number 1 supporter/user of her detergents particularly pine gel, i must point out that it’s long-lasting and gentle on the hands. Good job Geri

  3. This is wonderful and may God continue to bless you and your family, Gerie, for this special job you’re doing. It’s also very encouraging to all entrepreneurs who fear growth! Thank you so much! I feel much more encouraged❤️❤️❤️!

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