COVID-19 Vaccine: Africa Pending…

WHO suggests Africa Is Not ready for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution

According to WHO, the current requirement for the vaccine preparation is 80% This includes planning, training&supervision, monitoring and the list goes on. It is a requirement that leaders in Africa, prepare their countries for one of the largest immunizations Africa has ever faced; but right now, ’40 of the countries that have updated the tool suggests the African region has an average score of 33% readiness for the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out.’

With the supposed lack of urgency from African leaders, does this push back mean that some may not be keen on the vaccine, considering that there are many rumors that suggest it may not be safe, and that it may alter our genes? Or the lack of urgency is simply due to disorganized leadership? Well, we can only wait and see as the African leaders play politics into the issue and or allow the NGO driven sector to bring in the donations, as it has been the case for a while now for the bountiful continent.

Either way, WHO needs Africa to be prepared so that the leaders can also push the drive for the COVID-19 vaccine.


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