Could we have unearthed the proverbial voice of the youth?

Profused Feelings Poetry Anthology Review

“People only pay attention when you make a mistake, Or when you become successful” are lines in the poem “In Between you manage” from the poetry anthology “Profused Feelings”. Well the spotlight if defiantly on Makomborero Nhau the young poetess who launched her debut poetry collection a few months ago.

Award winning poetess Makomborero Nhanu is an ‘A’ Level student at Roosevelt Girls High, Harare. She came in 3rd place in the 2020 edition of the ‘Daughters Destined for Purpose’ poetry competition. She goes by the stage name Poetess Empathic and ‘Profused Feelings’ is her first poetry anthology.

‘Profused Feelings’ is a collection of eighty-four poems. The anthology is rich in the number of subjects that are raised. The scope of Nhau’s work is wide ranging is very impressive. Issues such as gender based violence “Living under violence” and “Men under violence too”, image “Critics”, rape “Date Rape”, suicide “Suicidal Thoughts” and “Suicide Attempt”, immigration “Illegal immigrants thoughts and a host of other issues. The sheer empathy of the poetess is evident with how carefully she tackles her subject matters and brings them to the fore in the most touching manner.

It is not all doom and gloom though Nhau touches has some humorous pieces in the anthology such as “Homework” which reads “Geographically. I am relocating movies, Thinking about Marvels.” Another fun piece was “Chocolate” which also carries a deep moral message. Over and above Nhau preaches the gospel self-encouragement, motivation and very topical issues affecting not only the youth of today but also anybody living today.

Could we have just unearthed the proverbial voice of the youth? Maybe. While you ponder on that issue go and get yourself a copy of this exciting poetry anthology. The book is in hard copy and also available of Amazon.

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