Bulawayo’s modeling elite gather for Truth Models Academy’s annual graduation

Bulawayo’s modeling elite gather for Truth Models Academy’s annual graduation

The country’s acclaimed international model agency, courtesy of its modeling school, Truth Models Academy, is gearing up to host its annual graduation ceremony. The event is slated for May 4th at the Bulawayo Club, with attendees requested to adhere to an “All Black” dress code.

In an exclusive interview with My Afrika Magazine, Truth Models Academy President, Pardon Khanye, revealed that the agency traditionally honors models who have excelled in their studies at the academy. This year, 11 students—six females and five males—are set to graduate.

“Graduating our models is paramount as it signifies the completion of their courses each year,” explained Khanye. “This ceremony holds significant importance for us as a modeling school.”

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Khanye emphasized the importance of aspiring models obtaining education and information about the industry, asserting that it lays the groundwork for their future success.

“If you’re an aspiring model or already in the industry, attending this event is crucial as it enhances your professionalism and motivates you to work harder,” advised Khanye. “Just like one wouldn’t trust a doctor who hasn’t undergone training, models need to invest in their education.”

In addition to the graduation ceremony, attendees will witness the crowning of Mister and Miss Truth Models Academy, who will be crowned King and Queen at the conclusion of the event. The judging panel includes esteemed figures from Zimbabwe’s modeling industry, such as runway King and former Mister Zimbabwe, Shadel Noble, and award-winning model and coach Ishmael Murangandi.

Addressing unemployment challenges within the modeling sector, Khanye noted the difficulty models face in securing jobs, citing self-marketing as a key factor.

“Many models struggle to find employment post-graduation due to a lack of self-marketing and brand maintenance,” Khanye elaborated. “While dedication is essential, those who actively market themselves as brands stand a better chance of navigating the job market successfully.”

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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