Nora Mafabune unveils groundbreaking Zimbabwean vegetarian cookbook

Nora Mafabune unveils groundbreaking Zimbabwean vegetarian cookbook

An entirely vegetarian cookbook using Zimbabwean readily available ingredients was launched last Saturday at Batanai Gardens in Harare. The book was written by Nora Mafabune, a certified vegan trainer and chef. This is a revolutionary initiative promoting health awareness and lifestyle changes.

The project uses everyday language as well as ingredients available in all regions of Zimbabwe, so that no one is left behind.

“Our world has been disrupted by a lot of non- communicable diseases which according to many researchers emanate from lifestyle choices. Among these is what we eat. My main message is that if we want to restore our health status, we have to revert to the Garden of Eden meal plan. I came up with this cookbook as a compass towards the right direction,” explained Mafabune.

When it comes to cookbooks, especially vegetarianism, Zimbabwe has mostly imported those from countries like the United States of America, South Africa, and India among others. With the publication of Nora’s book, Zimbabwe now boasts of its own material and can export to other countries.

Speaking at the launch, guest speaker Dr Jonathan Musvosvi, a pastor and international author in his own right, applauded Mafabune for creating a legacy through writing. “Writing is not a small feat, I applaud this writer for taking time to document all these tried and tested recipes. This book will not only impact her family but the world as a whole,” said Dr Musvosvi.

The book was auctioned to the highest bidder for USD220. This bid went to a local engineer, Munya Mutema, who also with his family lives on a plant based diet.

In an interview with one of the local newspapers, Mutema revealed that this book will add so much to his family’s table. “This is an achievement that needs to be applauded. Having this book in my home will truly add colour to our table,” he said.

Mafabune not only writes but also trains people in vegetarian cooking, meal plans, and transitions from meat to plant based diets.

Empowering ordinary African citizens with knowledge, this book offers delicious and affordable plant-based recipes to combat unhealthy eating habits, a major cause of health concerns in our communities.

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