Renowned actress Ratidzo Eunice Tava says she will be balancing her time on set, her first love, with humanitarian ventures under her newly registered organisation Chedenga Foundation Trust. The organisation helps marginalised children and has several pillars of assistance ranging from feeding initiatives, education and career mapping exercises, dressing up and helping children leave the streets. Tava has appeared on many productions exuding her versatility with her latest appearance as Mbuya Nehanda leaving film lovers astounded by her talent. 

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Asked on why she loves helping the less privileged, she said her own life was nothing without humanitarian acts.

“Chedenga Foundation was only registered recently in order for transparency in the face of public funds, but I have always done acts of humanity before from my personal funds. Kids from the streets have looked forward to that hot morning meal from me for more than five years. Helping is inborn and it brings that inner glow from my heart,” the talented actress explained.

The organisation is currently running a campaign to provide warmth to marginalised communities among them children who live in the street. This initiative is timely as winter affects a lot of people who have no access to blankets, shoes and warm clothes.

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“Some children travel for long kilometres to school without shoes and socks ,its even worse during winter where one reaches school with cracked heels, frozen hands and still expected to pass in class. It really hurts to imagine that many children go though this, I know for a fact the feeling as I also went through it when I was young. Those who choose to help actually make a difference that’s why we are calling everyone to come through for these marginalised children. As Chedenga Foundation we are just a conduit of hope and resources,”Tava said.

Nicknamed, ‘Mother Josefa’ by some of her relatives because of her acts of generosity, the affable actress donates all her funds from voice acting and a percentage from all her acting gigs towards Chedenga activities. Rooftop Promotions, one of the organisations she works under also makes huge contributions towards her passion of helping.

“Mother Josefa is a nickname I got from my relatives to whom I have explained that giving leads to blessings not just for me as an individual but to the whole family. My vision is to build an orphanage were I can take in a lot of children from the streets and live close to them. I want to give a second chance to people that the rest of the world look down upon. We have four pillars of programming that have made impact in the society.”

“We are grateful to one of our donors towards the education and career mapping program which has sent children from bad situations and the streets to boarding schools.He is based in Australia and has sacrificed a lot towards our initiatives. We hope to take more children to school and donate more educational resources to marginalised schools.”

Tava calls for more partners and donors to come forward and help the organisation in order to drive their impact to more places throughout the country. She is dedicating her time towards the success of this foundation.

“Besides acting, I’m very passionate about touching people’s lives. Chedenga Foundation Trust helps me drive that initiative home. I may take on a few roles as time goes but most of my time will be spent at the Trust helping the less privileged. Therefore, I’m appealing to everyone evoked to help to join us in our initiatives. We help everyone without segregation because breathing humanity knows no race, age or politics. We also ask any partners that come on board to respect that,” the talented actress revealed

It is more blessed to give than receive and Chedenga Foundation calls on everyone to help keep 300 or more children warm this winter.


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