A backyard birthday turned a Mutare woman into a party entrepreneur…

A backyard birthday turned a Mutare woman into a party entrepreneur…
PHOTO-2021-10-05-06-45-06-2 A backyard birthday turned a Mutare woman into a party entrepreneur...

Have you ever planned a birthday party for your kids? Well, Ruvimbo Matipano did. In fact, most parents are known to plan birthday parties for their kids because they have a better understanding of how to make their children’s special day exciting. However, one thing that makes Ruvimbo different is that, she went on to master the art and magic of vivifying special celebratory days and occasion for not only her kids; but kids from other families, adults, companies and even churches. Today she’s the woman behind Bouncy Bee Kids Events. 

Party entrepreneurship is the business of planning, advising, conceptualizing and implanting an event for a fee. The trade has gathered pace in Zimbabwe with entrepreneurs fighting to get recognition from prospective and current clients through constant innovation, unique taste, jaw-dropping designs and unmatched craftsmanship. The Guardian Newspaper estimates that parents in the UK spend at least $191 pounds on their child’s birthday. Similarly, Zimbabweans are quickly adopting the fun and fair that should accompany birthdays and occasions of a similar nature, which may require an outsourced party entrepreneur. 

A seasoned banker of 13 years, having worked with one of the most innovating banks in Zimbabwe and a mother of 3, Ruvimbo’s has become a top-notch party entrepreneur in Zimbabwe’s city of Mutare. In what may be viewed as a dramatic move, Rue, as she’s affectionately known quit her job to pursue party and events planning. Known as Bouncy Bee on her social media pages, Rue’s business embodies a start-up that is ready to fulfil the dreams and desire of what one would call a memorable event. 

Armored with a 5-star smile, simple but executive deportment and an aura of confidence, Rue has built a formidable brand that has taken the Manicaland Region by storm. Her designs go beyond the general ambit of party designs and reverberates opulence, a touch of class and perfection; just what a customer needs. She also sets herself apart from the rest in the same industry by being meticulous in her planning. I would also think that she borrows her professionalism from her previous profession in the banking sector where planning, budgeting and customer consultancy has to be done with terrible exactness. 

Rue’s vision is to create a world class brand that will not only serve general family celebrations but will also encompass branding and public relations needs of celebrities, corporates, public sector institutions and non-governmental organizations. As has already been unfolding, Rue’s Bouncy Bee has the potential to serve an international market of persons in the Diaspora who intend to have events planned well in time for their usually jam-packed and busy visits back home. Her location in Manicaland also makes it a strategic advantage as she can access clients who wants to have their events at Manicaland’s unique tourist’s sites of Nyanga, Vumba or Chimanimani which are adorned with waterfalls, mountains, rainforests and mind-blowing views. 

Rue also intends to grow her business vertically and horizontally through venturing into wedding planning and hosting public relations events for corporates. She also inhabits the dream of becoming a brand manager for celebrities and products. She also sees herself expanding beyond the Manicaland Region to customers in other areas and beyond the borders of this great nation. 

It is common knowledge that introducing new products and ideas to the same market is a huge challenge for innovators and pioneers of ideas. Rue shares that her journey towards being a notable and competing entrepreneur is marred by customer resistance who are either afraid to try her new products or just prefer to stick to the “old way of doing things”. This, she says requires patient, perseverance and a mentorship approach to customers as one mentors them into adopting trendy and contemporary designs. 

Just like any other business, Bouncy Bee was also affected by the COVID 19 global health pandemic, particularly through the instituting of social distancing regulations which banned public gatherings. Paradoxically, this was also the time when the business gained traction as Rue innovated to conduct cozy private family functions, thereby reinforcing her resolve as a relentless party entrepreneur. 


Being-Braydan-Season-2-Cast-Poster-caopy-1024x463 A backyard birthday turned a Mutare woman into a party entrepreneur...

Nyasha Frank Mpahlo

Nyasha Frank Mpahlo is the Director for Green Governance Zimbabwe Trust and an independent Advisor on Environmental, Social and Governance issues in Africa.

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  1. A girl who was always focused and goal oriented despite the infectious smile and lovable personality. You are a very inspiring friend and businesswoman.

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