For more than a decade Lindani Ndwandwa has been part of the drivers of the fashion industry in Africa and across the globe as a fashion stylist and a designer.

He had worked with a numerous A listers among them are: Tino Chinyani, Ntokozo Mbambo, Leroy Marc, Kwanele Thusi, Joyous Celebration Choir to meantion a few. 

Lindani believes that client must be more comfortable first than how they look. So, how the clients feel is more important than they look 

Q: Who is Lindani “The stylist”

A: Lindani Ndwandwa is a 33-year-old fashion designer and a stylist, currently residing in Johannesburg. He has been in the industry for more than 12 years and during these years he has been designing and styling South Africa’s most loved celebrities as a Celebrity stylist and designer. 

Q: How did your career as a stylist began and how was the journey

A: I went to fashion school in Durban University of Technology, where I did my fashion and textile and my career took off at Generations the soapie that aired on SABC 1 as a junior wardrobe stylist, then started broadening my horizons in styling for magazines, I then had an opportunity to style Joyous celebration

Q: What is that one thing that people don’t understand, or mis read about fashion?

A: The one thing that people don’t understand about being a stylist is: just because you can dress yourself nicely, doesn’t qualify you to be a fashion stylist and the reason why for that is, there’s a certain skill that one needs to have when styling people which includes but not limited to, the shape of their body, being able to analyze their structure and also making sure that their look is specifically tailor made for them and they are comfortable in it 

Q: Tell us the importance of having a stylist for one in their lives 

A: I think most people need a stylist, many people lack fashion sense however having a fashion stylist comes with a cost but most importantly its is good to have one, someone who understands your body, someone who will guide you on your wardrobe, what will work for you on a certain occasion etc.

Q: You have worked with several A listers in your life, how do you manage to keep up with the pressure from your clients.

A: I have worked with so many celebrities together with high prominent individuals, so I always deliver in terms of excellence, I listen to my clients, during our briefings I make sure that I take note of exactly what the client needs. I’m professional and I understand the value of time and I’m efficient 

Q: Talking about client’s, you are the stylist behind Kwanele Thusi’s suit wear for Mister Africa international competition. How did you come up with the concept?

A: Kwanele’s look was inspired by a business look however I also wanted him to have that flamboyant look which explains the choice of suite like Brocade, and I didn’t not go the normal rout of a black suite 


Q: What do you love about your job?

A: I love making people look beautiful. I get so much satisfaction when I hear a client saying “thank you Lindani I look beautiful”

Q: What inspires your work?

A: I’m inspired by two things, one people that I meet in events who often wear some of my collections and I’m also inspired by international designers, somehow how I always have an idea every time I come across a collection from a specific international designer and that helps me with my next design in terms of creativity 

Q: As a fashion stylist what is your Golden rule?

A: Comfort before beauty. The client must be more comfortable first than how they look. So, how the clients feel is more important than they look 


Q: Can you tell us about your show, which appears on DSTV, Honey channel?

A: I have a show called Shine n Shine it’s a makeover show on DSTV. This is a Pan African show, this means the show is airing in the content in over 35 channels. In The show I have an opportunity to dress people I have never met in an hour and making them beautiful within that time frame and the show is hosted by the amazing Mbali Nkosi

Q: Given an opportunity to style any world leader who will it be and why?

A: I would love to dress Oprah Winfrey alternatively our president Mr. Cyril Ramaposa 

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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