ZAPU celebrate their first victory since its revival in 2008

ZAPU celebrate their first victory since its revival in 2008

ZAPU’ spokesperson Ndlovu, congratulated the residents of Makorokoro for electing a ZAPU Council he said, Matobo ward 17 is now a liberated zone.

“We congratulate the people of Makorokoro for choosing wisely. Ward 17 in Matobo is now considered a liberated zone by ZAPU leadership, – Councillor Mpendulo Ncube is now councillor for all. He is no longer representing ZAPU. He is now a servant for all in his ward.” said Ndlovu

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Masotsha said the 30 year old Councillor elect, Mpendulo Ncube is not only going to be representing ZAPU but he will be serving all residents of Matobo’s ward 17 residents.

“All developmental projects should benefit all, including adjacent Wards and communities. When we’re done with Makorokoro, everyone should be seeking us to serve them. We will be available and ready, – It has been years of painstaking work to reconnect with our people at grassroots. We give credit to all previous administrations for these results are a result of collective efforts and sacrifices,” said Ndlovu.

Masotsha further added that the elders of the party are playing a major role in sharing their wisdom with the new generation.

“We unequivocally condemn the process and results of the sham election. ZAPU is not happy with the conduct, process and results of this election – However, considering our lack of resources, we commend our ground forces, as led by President Sibangilizwe Nkomo and Cde Ndodana Moyo, who propelled ZAPU to become the 3rd biggest party by both candidates’ deployment and results,” said Ndlovu.

ZAPU was revived in 2008 by its late leader Dumiso Dabengwa.

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