All Zimbabwean political parties are preparing for the 2023 Harmonized elections. ZANU PF which is the country’s ruling party since 1980, will be having their primary elections that are going to determine who will be representing their party in Parliamentarian, Council, senatorial polls in the upcoming general elections this weekend. 

The ruling party’s elections were meant to be held last week however they had to postpone the date to the 25th of March which was declared by the 1st Secretary of the revolutionary party, Emmerson Mnangagwa. 

The politburo had finalized the list of candidates and the elections according to the party’s political commissar, Mike Bimha. The primary elections are to start from 7am closing the polls at 4pm. 

Addressing members of the press, Mr Bimha said, part of the candidates include former CCC and MDC Alliance members who are coming from the two main opposition parties in Zimbabwe.

 However those from the newly formed party, triple C were denied to contest at the senatorial level. 

Results of the elections will be announced next week, according to Mike Bimha. In an exclusive interview between former Minister Tshinga Dube and the VOA, which was posted on social media, former Minister Dube confirmed that all preparations are on stage and elections will be held peaceful. 

He further stated out that, in Cowdray Park and Bulawayo South for the MP primary seats, it’s a one man race as both candidates respectively,  Minister Mthulisi Ncube and Raji Modi don’t have any opponents in terms of contesting for the seats. 

ZBC reported breaking news that Masvingo and Midlands will have their elections on Sunday.

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