Zamalek hitmaker rise to fame

Zamalek hitmaker rise to fame

Zamalek is one of the biggest songs in South Africa this year with the smashing hit featuring Leylow. It was by virtue of SpeedtrapOfficial talent, hard work, and sheer tenacity that Tshepo Sindane was born a singer, songwriter, and producer of SpeedtrapOfficial.

Speedtrapofficial on his music career, record label, storyteller, rapper, songwriter, and producer — the lad behind famously prolific rapper, Zamalek hitmaker recent singles: Indaba Yami straight, ngamshova, ngiyagqwala and mlando omnyama. His talent as a creative rapper is a marvel to behold.

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SpeedtrapOfficial shot to fame in 2023, after sharing a music video snippet on social media and it went viral.

SpeedtrapOfficial fans shared and re-shared the snippet, whilst others were tagging various famous artists convincing him to collaborate with the hopeful content creators.

Early March this year, Sindane, was informed by SpeedtrapOfficial that the single instantly changed his life, and cemented his music career.

“The song was the greatest single I’ve ever been a part of. It has earned me a lot of respect on the streets, and encouraged me to work harder every day,” SpeedtrapOfficial said with excitement.

Since then, SpeedtrapOfficial never looked back. His endless drive and unfailing enthusiasm for hitmaking made him one of the biggest rappers Bronkhorstspruit has ever had. Essentially, the Zamalek hitmaker is something of a rarity; quite different from most artists. SpeedtrapOfficial produces music for different genres including Hip Hop, House, Afro-Pop & BoloHouse. 

Prior to the release of Tshepo Sindane, SpeedtrapOfficial and his long-time music pal, Laylow The Paragon were invited to listen to the single at Mgengane studio home. 

In 2006, that is when SpeedtrapOfficial kick-started his music career. Sindane said he spent innumerable hours watching tutorials on an online video-sharing platform.

“I used to watch YouTube tutorials on how to make music from conception to completion.”

Hailing from Zithobeni in Bronkhorstspruit, the musician-businessman adds that he would, at times, duplicate well-known artists’ music and then re-make them on an ongoing basis, until he had a general music-making knowledge.

SpeedOfficial felt more hopeful about his music career in 2019, after meeting various artists in a space of a year, after teaming up with the Mgengane Records, Laylow— who’s one of the best producers/Vocalist for Bronkhorstspruit. 

Lately, rumors spread on socials that SpeedtrapOfficial “Gave up ” on his music career, and his cousin quickly labeled the rumors as completely false. Mgengane clarified that it was a false story.

During his tenure as a musician, Speedtrap managed to get thousands of viewers on YouTube and Gigs all over Bronkhorstspruit 

Was he bothered by the rumors that he’s no longer doing music?

“Of course not. They didn’t bother me at all, because they were untrue. I personally took those comments—positive or negative—as motivations,” he tells me.

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Zamalek hitmaker, SpeedtrapOfficial started making music at the precocious age of 17 when he started calling himself “Speedtrap.”

“The name Speedtrap was the first one to try, I liked the name a lot, and I didn’t know there was a person who is already more famous than me who goes by the name of Speedtrap. One day he texted me asking me to stop calling myself by his stage name. I didn’t want to fight, so I peacefully changed my stage name to SpeedtrapOfficial,” explained Speedtrap.

Presently, Laylow is undoubtedly the greatest producer ever. The new businessman patted SpeedtrapOfficial on the back for the significant contributions he’d had to his career. He then highlights that if it wasn’t for SpeedtrapOfficial, he wouldn’t have been a Zamalek hitmaker.

“When I joined Bomber Style, I was a Hip Hop, House, and Afro-Pop producer. To be honest with you, I didn’t expect myself to jump into mgengani music. I found the importance of growing my own music style at mgengani house. Truthfully, being at mgengani was a great experience; that’s where I got some tactics on how to run things. For me, mgengani style was a huge stepping stone,” he said.

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