New Book: ‘A Journey into Entrepreneurship’ a kids magical business adventure

New Book: ‘A Journey into Entrepreneurship’ a kids magical business adventure

Vongai Cecilia Bhelebana and Audrey Nzira, founders of EntreAcademy, are thrilled to announce the release of their new book, “Young Adventurers: A Journey into Entrepreneurship“, now available on Amazon.

This captivating workbook is designed to ignite creativity, nurture ideas, and guide young minds through the exciting challenges of building their own business.

Journey-to-Entrepreneurship-Cover-736x1024 New Book: 'A Journey into Entrepreneurship' a kids magical business adventure

“At EntreAcademy, our mission is to transform the world by empowering young minds with practical entrepreneurship skills and insights,” explain Vongai and Audrey. “After successfully implementing numerous programs in South African high schools, we were inspired to expand our reach. This led us to create a workbook that is not only fun, practical, and useful but also designed to help young adventurers embark on their entrepreneurial journey.”

“Welcome to the Magical World of Entrepreneurship!” The book invites kids to embark on a journey filled with activities and tools crafted to inspire imagination and develop business skills. From dreaming up fantastical business ideas to facing the dragons of competition, this workbook is a trusty companion for every aspiring young entrepreneur.

“Young Adventurers: A Journey into Entrepreneurship” is not just a workbook; it’s a practical guide that encourages kids to embrace the journey, embrace the magic, and let the entrepreneurial adventure begin!

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