Unmasking The Escape: Tracking Thabo Bester on Showmax

Unmasking The Escape: Tracking Thabo Bester on Showmax

South Africa’s most notorious fugitive, Thabo Bester, is back in the spotlight with a new true-crime documentary. This captivating series dives into the story of the convicted murderer and rapist who seemingly vanished from his cell, only to be later spotted shopping in Sandton City.

Bester’s escape in 2023 gripped the nation, making him the most searched person on Google in South Africa. His co-accused, Dr. Nandipha Magudumana, wasn’t far behind at number four. Public fascination swirled around the bizarre tale that involved love, murder, prison breaks, and alleged corruption.

Tracking Thabo Bester‘, a four-part series produced by the team behind ‘Convict Conman‘, premieres on Showmax on March 15th, 2024. The remaining two episodes will follow on March 22nd.

The documentary promises to explore the following, among others:

  1. The life and crimes of Thabo Bester, including his moniker as the “Facebook rapist.”
  2. Bester’s time behind bars and the circumstances surrounding his escape.
  3. The story of Dr. Magudumana, a successful doctor who allegedly abandoned her children to flee with a convicted criminal.
  4. The truth behind the mysterious death in Cell 35, previously believed to be Bester.

However, a recent development throws a wrench into the plans. Reports indicate that Dr. Magudumana has filed a legal challenge to block the documentary’s release. She reportedly seeks to see the film before it airs.

(Source: City Press News).

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