Winky D’s music returns to ZBC airwaves, “Ibotso” still banned

Winky D’s music returns to ZBC airwaves, “Ibotso” still banned

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has lifted its ban on the music of Zimbabwean artist Winky D, as announced by Acting Chief Executive Officer Charles Munganasa.

However, the songs “Ibotso” and “Dzimbadzemabwe” remain prohibited from being aired.

Winky D’s music had been excluded from the country’s radio and TV broadcast following the release of his album “Eureka Eureka,” which sparked debates and commentary critical of the ruling party.

The ambiguity persists regarding whether it is the ZBC or the government responsible for banning Winky D’s music, as certain songs are still restricted.

“It would have sounded better if they had said the government lifts its ban on Winky D’s music because the debate was so intense that even campus radio could not play Winky D’s music,” commented a member from a certain institution.

Others argue that the ban highlights who controls these radio stations and the laws being enforced.

Lisca Philo

Lisca Philo is a female journalism and media student from Zimbabwe Open University. She is a debater and a writer and was also once selected as the vice president of web of life which is a SAYWHAT group of young ladies, teaching about SRHR related things. Voted to be student representative secretary for special needs at Zimbabwe Open University in 2023.. Believes in fighting issues within societies to do with poverty, disability , GBV, drug abuse, and sexual harassment. . Also encouraging development and respecting people's objective from different backgrounds and walks of life

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