‘True Love’ hitmaker to take the nation back to the late 1980s

Legendary musician and true love hitmaker, Busi Ncube is set to headline in the city of Kings and Queens this weekend.

Ncube is scheduled to perform on the 11th of June at The Place in Bulawayo.

The song ‘True Love’ is and will remain one of the best songs to ever- come out of Zimbabwe’s music industry

Busi Ncube was 23 years old in 1986 when the hit song ‘True Love’ was released and she was the lead singer of the fusion group, ‘Ilanga’.

Ilanga was composed of, the late CDE Chinx Andy Brown, Don Gumbo, Gibson Batishai, Adam Chisvo, Munya Brown, Gibson Nyoni, Virgillo Ignacia, and the only two surviving members of Ilanga: Busi Ncube and Keith Farquharson.

The song ‘True Love’ has a mixture of Mozambican keyboard sounds from Virgillo Ignacia and Andy Brown’s bass guitar.

Legendary Busi Ncube will be performing solo without, Keith Farquharson as he won’t be in the country.

Many people in the city of Kings have shown excitement at the news.

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