The IndluKaMrapper concert with Msiz’kay, tonight!

The IndluKaMrapper concert with Msiz’kay, tonight!

OASIS Hub is the place to be tonight, as this evening the hub of the arts sector is hosting, award winning artist Msiz’kay.

Msiz’kay is an award-winning artist who scooped the People’s Choice Award, at the Bulawayo Arts Awards’ 6th edition and he was recently a nominee for this year’s ZIMA.

Msiz’kay is well known for his electrical and ecstatic live performances, and he has promised his fans to experience the same atmosphere, during his live performance this evening at the OASIS Hub.

Fwz-YA3XsAEmXT6-724x1024 The IndluKaMrapper concert with Msiz’kay, tonight!

Msiz’kay will be performing under his fundraising concert themed #Indlu’kaMrapper.
He is aiming at raising at least $30 000 (usd) at the concert which he will be using to buy the building material for his residential stand which is situated at Emganwini Suburb in Bulawayo.

After scoping the BAA award under the People’s Choice Award in 2021, the TCI international land Developers and Engineering Contractors handed a stand over to Msiz’kay on the 23rd of February.

Msiz’kay has received support from his fans who have rallied behind him by purchasing the concert tickets.

IndigoSaint, Noluntu J, Ma9Nine, Amany are among the supporting acts of the evening.

Tapiwa Rubaya

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