The Other Side of GAPA!

The Other Side of GAPA!
By Rubaya Tapiwa.
  GAPA3-225x300 The Other Side of GAPA! It takes him between 50 to 100 hours to finish his work. Orison Tadiwanashe Gapa ,(21) is a Zimbabwean artist whom many know as a model and not an art sketcher.
He explains to us the importance of sketching portraits in the arts industry, providing us with details of his adventure. He also drops some of the big names whose portraits he has drawn.
Find out who is on his list.
TR: I believe many people always praise your sketching skills but are always curious who the man behind the work is. Can you briefly share some light on who you are?
OG:My name is Orison Tadiwanashe Gapa. I’m 21 years of age and I am an artist practicing is the field of realism.
TR: When did your sketching career begin?GAPA4-235x300 The Other Side of GAPA!
OG: What I do is more than just “sketching”. The process of “sketching” my pieces takes just about 2 hours and for me to complete the entire drawing, it’s something that takes me about 50-100 working hours on paper.  Anyways, my history of art dates back primary school but I got serious about Realism in 2012 when I got inspiration from my Mentor, Mr Chris Mhuka. He was the person who kept on pushing me to unlock different levels of genius and capture the eye of the people.
TR: You are both an artist and a model. What came first?
OG: Art came first. It has always been part of me since I was a kid. I started modeling last year as an Escort at Miss UZ.  Then I got serious about working out and I was back again at the Miss Tourism Harare competition. Lastly I managed to get shortlisted for the Mr Zimbabwe Pageant but I had to travel before the competition so I didn’t go any further. I’m still beginning in the modeling industry and I don’t have much to my name that I actually believe it’s too early to call me a model lol. But watch the space. GAPA1-259x300 The Other Side of GAPA!
TR: Back to your art sketching career, you have drawn portraits for a number of people. Who are some of them? 
OG: I  have done quite a number of portraits. Some names which you might recognize include President Mnangangwa and the First Lady, Prophet Alph Lukau, Karen Mutasa, Jason Zhuwao, MC Natty, President Donald Trump just to mention but a few.
TR: Among the world leaders whose portrait would you like to work on and why?
OG: I believe I would be interested in drawing all female leaders starting with the Queen of England. GAPA2-300x203 The Other Side of GAPA!
Well I think it’s because, from my experience with portraits I have done in the past, women are more appreciative of portraits than men.
 And also, I have never seen a portrait of a female leader. (I’m not saying I’ll be the first, I just haven’t come across one before).
 TR: What’s your description of your country’s art sketching industry?
OG: Because of school I was not able to find time to make a portfolio to exhibit at any previous event.  However, all that changed when I really had to dedicate myself to balance the two and I’m eyeing to have my works at the next Art Festival to be held at Wild Geese later this year. Dates will be announced soon.
 TR: What advise do you have for upcoming artists who are in the sketching industry?
OG: My advice to all aspiring artists and I think pretty much every one else is that hard work is the only way out and it pays well eventually.  All artists should keep pushing their craft and try and reach out to as many people as possible. They should try and build a social media presence to attract people all over the world. And lastly, practice makes perfect.

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