The ‘Music’ In Politics

The ‘Music’ In Politics

Music has been viewed by many as a form of expressing one’s thoughts and feelings while some have categorized it as a piece of Art that tells a story of a situation on the ground.

There has been a growing debate on whether socio-political  music should be banned especially in Africa whereby many young people use the platform as a form of way to reach out to the politicians .

On the other hand, some musicians have managed to defend the lyrics in their songs stating out that it is the listeners who interpret the songs in their own way.

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In Uganda the main rival of the longtime serving leader, General Museveni is a prominent Reggae artist whose stage name is Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine whose birth name is Robert Kyagulanyi is well known as the ‘ghetto president’ whose ambition is to bring dreams and the sounds of the streets to the corridors of power.

His music addresses injustices, corruption and its being classified as a weapon of advocating for human rights. He challenged President Museveni during the previous Presidential general elections.

Despite his popularity on social media, he lost the contest.

In 2018, a popular music rapper in DRC, Lexxus Legal contested in the DRC general elections but he failed to win a seat. The elections were marred by credible allegations of widespread fraud.

In Ethiopia a popular Oromo singer was murdered during a political arrest.

Other musicians who have entered into politics and won parliamentary seats include, Charles Kanyi from Kenya whom in 2017 won a seat under Jubilee Party.

Joseph Haule a Tanzanian artist and famous musician is also a member of parliament for Mikumu  Constituency.

In South Africa, Economic Freedom Fighters member of Parliament, Ringo Sindile Mandlingo who rose to fame in the music industry having an opportunity to collaborate with the legendary musician, Oliver Mtukudzi is a parliamentarian member of the Southern Africa’s vibrant opposition party EFF.

While back home former Minister of Information, Energy Mudoti was popularly known for his Rhumba music.

African musicians have been well known for both praising and challenging those in power through their music.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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