The battle to the African throne has began

The battle to the African throne has began

At least more than 30 countries have registered their delegates who are waiting to hear their fate on who will proceed to the next round. The photos of the models have been released in all Mister Africa International social media pages. This is the first time, since the pageant was launched in 2012 to be hosted virtually for the preliminaries.

For the past years at least five countries have had the opportunity of hosting the Mister Africa International ceremony, namely United Kingdom, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Angola.

The founder of the pageant Ayotunde Fabamwo Twitch told My Afrika Magazine that over the past years, the pageant has been an incredible journey, that has seen different kings from different nations. He however said, a few talented models from several countries have failed in taking part in the pageant.

“Throughout these years, we’ve encountered exceptional, talented, and good-looking individuals who yearn to compete, yet face financial constraints or the logistical challenge of traveling from their home countries. This led us to the concept of our hybrid show, combining both online and physical components. For this year, we’ve decided to go fully virtual, aiming to provide an opportunity for countries that traditionally faced difficulties in participating. And it’s been a resounding success! We’re thrilled to have 30 countries on board, marking our highest participation yet,” said Ayotunde.

When questioned on what set apart this year’s event with the previous events, Ayotunde informed that it won’t be about looks and intelligence of the model.

“Our focus has shifted, emphasizing quality. It’s a testament to commitment to excellence […] This virtual format allows you to delve deeper into understanding the candidates themselves, free from the pressure of physical event,” said Ayotunde Fabamwo.

In terms of prizes, the winner is expected to walk away with an undisclosed annual salary and will be presented with some extraordinary opportunities befitting an international star.

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Twitch described the outgoing Mister Africa International as a major role player in the organisation. He also encouraged inspiring Mister Africa to be exercise truthfulness about themselves as they will be ambassadors of their country.

“To secure victory in this competition, remember to always be true to yourself. Embrace your creativity and wear the pride of your country as a badge of honor. This authenticity and national pride will shine through and set you apart. Good luck,” said Twitch.

This year, the ceremony will be running under the theme ‘Cyber Royale:Beyond Borders’. The competition began on the 28th of September as the battle of top 20 will be announced on the 1st of October with the King being announced on the 19th of October.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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