Speaking Out: Elsa Majimbo’s courageous stand against abuse and bullying

Speaking Out: Elsa Majimbo’s courageous stand against abuse and bullying

Silence and compliance have not brought about any improvement or change to any system in the world. It is strange that older generations are encouraging young people to do this. As a people we must deliberately examine our innate inclination to shame victims who speak and to reflexively defend powerful individuals. It is crucial to recognize the remnants of the oppressor that we have inherited.

Considering the number of people who are bullied and abused for the prize of fame, what Elsa Majimbo did was courageous. We live in a world where certain individuals think they own others for helping them out. Many victims are criticized for speaking out after many years, with the popular question, why didn’t you report when it happened? When someone speaks out as it happens, they are discouraged and seen as not emotionally intelligent and risk being blacklisted.

Some even went as far as quoting the 48 laws power, law number one, never outshine your master. People saying Elsa should have kept quiet and not exposed, British supermodel Naomi Campbell are the same people who would let go an uncle who rapes a niece and not report them to the police because he helps with paying the bills.

What is funny is how Naomi Campbell is so desperate to remain relevant in the African community. Today she is calling Aduta Kech her daughter, tomorrow she is with her ‘brother’ Wizkid and next week with she is hanging out with Temi Otedola. In the past she has been associated with a lot of dodgy individuals like Charles Taylor, appeared on Jeffrey Eipstein’s list twenty one times and had a close relationship with Harvey Weinstein.

It is somehow bizarre how a fifty year old woman would hang out and go on vacation with a nineteen year old girl.

Kenyan internet sensation Elsa Majimbo joins me this week and discusses her rising fame on TikTok and her future plans on #NoFilterWithNaomi. This is No Filter with Naomi, a weekly series with the most well-known innovators in the fashion,
beauty and entertainment space.

The lesson in situations when one is punished for reporting abuses of power is not that they should not have spoken out, but rather they should not be punished for doing so. It shows that the breeding ground for abuse is the support of the community.

Chiedza Mukucha

Chiedza Mukucha is a digital media and marketing Intern at My Afrika Magazine with 2 years experience and a mandate to help with changing the narratives of Zimbabweans and Africans at large, in its history and current affairs. Presently, it seems the African story is told and altered by third parties, and it is our injuction as African storytellers to document real-time and factual stories to increase our digital print as a collective. Chiedza is also an avid African literature reader and researcher. chiedzamukucha@gmail.com X (twitter): @Chiedza_RM

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