Seasons: A book path brings women’s stories to life

Seasons: A book path brings women’s stories to life

By Noreen Munengoni (Guest Columnist)

Fifteen women of various ages from diverse backgrounds write their own narratives in the yet to be launched anthology titled “Seasons.”

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Women being natural born creators, they do amazing things such that it has been said that if you give a woman a house she will create a home, give a woman a platform to shine and she will create a masterpiece.

This is what these 15 women did when they were given the opportunity to contribute short stories for the anthology.

The anthology is a work of art created by these women hence 13 of them are first time authors. It came to being through a WhatsApp group “Women Writers Support,” which was created by a renowned author, coach, entrepreneur and television personality, Sympathy Mangwenya Sibanda, as a way to encourage writing therapy among women.

The goal is to empower women to write, to celebrate them when they do and create an awareness and appreciation of the arts among women.

Notable names and literary gurus have been brought on to impart their skills, knowledge and talk about their journeys the likes of Dr Philip Chidavaenzi, Fungayi Sox and Audrey Chirenje. The ladies on the group have celebrated Batsirai Chigama, Stella Tshuma and Dudu Manhenga upon the launch of their books.

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One of the contributors to the anthology, Rachel Sabondo said: “The desire to write was there with little know how. This was a wonderful and eye-opening journey.”

With the help of Memory Chirere on how to write short stories, these women were able to come together and use their various life experiences to create amazing stories of hope, loss, survival, forgiveness, excellence and personal growth. Bound by their love of writing, they came together to create a book with stories that are thought-provoking and will make readers shed a tear as they question societal standards on everything.

Another contributor, Mejorie Nhamoinesu said: “I am just so proud of myself and thankful too for your (Sympathy Sibanda’s) push towards the edge. It got me flying. Pen and paper have always been my best friends but you did it for me!”

 Adding to the sentiments, Placidia Chiwita said: “Being part of the project was really enlightening for me. I got to reunite with the writer in me and it was my first time writing in years.”

The anthology launch will be held on the 31st of July at Cresta Jameson Hotel and tickets are going for $15.

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