Residents keeping a close watch on councillors

Residents keeping a close watch on councillors

In recent weeks, the focus has shifted from the Parliament and State House to Council Authority as its members were sworn in. However, the main focus remained on who would be chosen to wear the Mayoral chain. The roles of Zimbabwe’s mayors and mayoresses, along with their councillors, are under close scrutiny by the citizens of Zimbabwe, whether they are imposed or not.

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In Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second capital city, the opposition party made an overwhelming victory in the recent 23-24 August 2023 general election. Despite the speculations that the Bulawayo councillors had their own preference for who should be the new Mayor, Councillor Coltart was sworn in unopposed as the new mayor for the City of Bulawayo with Councillor Donaldson Mabutho as the deputy.

Despite not having a post after the GNU, many members of the public continued to refer to H.W Mayor David Coltart as a Senator. Born in 1957 in Gwelo (now Gweru), Coltart is a professional lawyer. In 2000 and 2005, he was elected Mayor for Bulawayo South and in 2008, he was elected Minister of Education, Sports, Arts, and Culture. His Worship Mayor Coltart has earned a reputation as an exemplary champion in the fight against corruption.

In Mutare, Zimbabwe, the Councillors of the CCC-dominated council chamber elected the city’s first female Mayoress, Her Worship Mayoress Sophia Rudo Gwasira. Councillor Cloud Nengomasha is the deputy.

In Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, Councillor Ian Makone was voted into office as the new sheriff, while female Councillor Kudzanai Kadzombe was elected as his deputy.

Despite many new Councillors being appointed across the country, several residents associations have expressed their concern and are closely monitoring them. This is due to the previous Councillors being accused of corruption by members of the public, resulting in a lack of trust and a rift between Councillors and residents.

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