South Africa, Kenya and Tunisia are among the countries whose citizens, across the world in Africa who took their frustration towards their governments  into the streets on the 20th of March. 

The protests were being being fronted by the opposition politicians in all countries. 

In Kenya veteran political leader, Raila Odinga was the face of the protests. 

Despite their plan with EFF being far different, March 20 turned to be a historical coincidental as the Azimo party, EFF and Tunisia’s political leaders took it to the streets. 

In Kenya the main purpose of the protest according to Raila Odinga was to resist,what he calls a high cost of living which  he blames the government lethargy  (source The East African News).

“The lion (Moi)  was dreaded but we uprooted  its teeth. I am ready and prepared to pay the ultimate price while fighting for the liberation of Kenya,” said Mr Odinga. 

During his public address, Mr Odinga who had once called for the same protest during the previous government.  

He meantioned his arrest in 1983 and also the 6 months dictation  which he received  after he challenged the government the same way he is doing now however due to none evidence he was released. 

The Kenyan protest unlike in South Africa which had less violence, it resulted in civilian arrest including some members of parliament  and clashes between protests and the police. 

Reports indicate that at least one person died. (Source Aljazerra )

The Deputy President of Kenya said the one day protest has costed more than  S2H  billion of Kenya’s  economy. 

“Kenya has so far lost Sh 2 billion  today following closure of business due to Azimilo la Umoja mass protests,” said DP of Kenya. 

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