Inside Takura’s Waiting Room: An Exclusive Look at His Upcoming EP

One of the most versatile and talented music artists to emerge from the sunshine city, Takura, will be dropping a new EP called “waiting room.” It promises to be a project featuring some of his best work to date. The EP was suppose to drop on the 20th of March but it has been pushed back.

“Waiting room” appears not to be your average EP. Takura has taken a few risks in this project, producing music that is both experimental and unique. The EP is billed to be a six-track offering which will include two of his hit singles “Wandachuza” and Goosebumps.”

If these singles are anything to go by then “Waiting room” is definitely going to be a fab favorite and a huge success. These two singles have definitely set the tone for the “Shona Prince’s” fans. Takura’s signature sound, which blends hip-hop rnb afropop, trap soul and soul music, is prominent throughout the EP.

Takura’s smooth voice over a melodic beat makes the EP Easy to vibe to. The EP will help solidify Mr “Okay”‘s position in the Zimbabwe Music industry and it will continue to showcase Takura’s musical prowess, Takura’s rap skills and his vocal range over an upbeat and catchy instrumentals.

Overall, “waiting room” is a must-listen for fans of Takura and new listeners alike. It’s a well-crafted project that demonstrates Takura’s versatility and willingness to take risks. I’m sure the  EP will be available on all major streaming platforms, so be sure to give it a listen and add it to your playlist.

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