Prince Of Wales Acknowledges The Pain That Slavery Brought

Prince Of Wales Acknowledges The Pain That Slavery Brought

Rwanda hosted the Commonwealth Summit amid rights and security concerns which brought together leaders from 54 countries with 19 African countries being included.

Most of these countries are former British Colonies and some of them are Headed by the Queen.

The 2020 CHOSM was cancelled because of Covid-19 pandemic.

Amongst the key issues that were discussed in the 6-day summit included enhancing women’s role in leadership, boosting business among Commonwealth Countries, and supporting the youth in leadership roles.

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The summit ran from June 20 to the 25th.

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda is one of the longest serving leaders in the continent boosted his status and promoted his country to the outside world.

Rwanda has previously and currently come under fire from rights groups for the reason of the Human Rights abuse political.

Rwanda also hosted the event, during a time when it’s been criticized from Human Rights activists over its UK-Rwanda migration asylum.

Australia also hosted the summit in 2011 facing criticism offshore detention centers to process those asylums in Australia.

Also, the question of safety of, delegates were in the ears of everyone who was curious as Rwanda has been in tension with their neighbors DRC due to the M23 rebels.

During the Commonwealth summit a Women’s forum was conducted and the main agenda was to tackle Global challenges.

Addressing the seminar as the guest of honor the first Lady of Rwanda Kagame tackled out some of the challenges that are faced by women in the Commonwealth countries especially when it comes to global warming and countries are facing economic challenges.

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson handed over as the Chair of the Commonwealth countries to President Paul Kagame.

“I’m honored to hand over the bastion to President Kagame and wish him every success as Chair of our unique association, “said PM Johnson.

The main guest of the summit, Prince Charles expressed deep sorrow over slavery in his speech which he tabled on the 24th of June in Kigali to the delegates of the Commonwealth Summit.

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Prince of Wales who had toured in some memorial areas that are marked as the continent’s biggest Genocide.

Prince Charles acknowledged the pain that was faced by most of the members of the countries in the organization. He further told the Commonwealth leaders that it was choice if they wanted to be Republic and abandon the Queen as Head of their states.

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