Zimbabwe Invited To Dine With President Biden At U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit

On the 13th to the 15th of December, African leaders are expected to be welcomed in Washington by American President, Joe Biden.

The 49 African Heads of State will be part of the three day U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit.

America consider this summit as a seed, which will grow the strength of America and Africa. This is the second summit to be held under the administration of President Joe Biden.

The summit will kickoff at a time when Russia-Africa summit didn’t materialized.

Many believed, Africa’s voting during the United Nations especially when it comes to the Russia invading Ukraine will be part of the main agenda.

Burkain Faso, Sudan,Guinea, Mali are the four nations who were not invited at the dinner table, the four countries are all ruled by military who took over power in a form of a coup.

This year a sit in the dinner table was reserved for Zimbabwe however President ED Mnangagwa won’t be able to attend the summit due to travelling restrictions, instead, Minister F. Shava will attend on his behalf.

The summit will also give an opportunity for the leaders to discuss issues pertaining to climate change, security, governance, human rights, and business forum will also be included.

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