Mural Masterpiece: BOW’s exhibition celebrates Zim-France cultural exchange

Mural Masterpiece: BOW’s exhibition celebrates Zim-France cultural exchange

Renowned mural artist BOW, also known as Leeroy Spinx Brittain, a champion of the street art movement for over two decades, is gearing up for an exhibition at the Alliance Française de Bulawayo.

The event is titled “Me Against the Wall: Mural Reveal and Photography Exhibition with BOW.”

BOW’s mural celebrates the cultural bond and harmony between France and Zimbabwe, highlighting their history of collaboration and cultural exchange. The artwork features the national birds of both nations—the rooster representing France and the Hungwe bird symbolizing Zimbabwe. Each bird embodies unique values; the rooster signifies courage, pride, and resilience, while the Hungwe bird holds ancestral and spiritual significance.

Against a backdrop of diverse imagery, inspired by the artistic heritage of both cultures, the mural pays homage to iconic symbols such as the soapstone sculpture of Great Zimbabwe, Monet’s impressionist paintings, Ndebele art’s geometric patterns, and Notre Dame’s stained glass windows.

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The exhibition also serves as a tribute to the Alliance Française de Bulawayo for its tireless efforts in promoting French language and culture in Zimbabwe.

All are welcome to attend this unique showcase, with complimentary glasses of wine provided for guests.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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