Nigerian musician Asake faces criticism for music video imagery

Nigerian musician Asake faces criticism for music video imagery

Nigerian musician Asakhe has been trending negatively on social media, causing controversy among his fan base. He has been accused of mocking the Christian religion in his latest song and video, ‘Only Me.’ Christianity is one of the most widely followed religions in Africa.

In the video for the song, ‘Only Me,’ Asakhe is seen wearing Christian attire with a halo above his head. He throws money at his dancers, who are also dressed up, and they fall down. The video includes a repetitive phrase, “we get money,” which adds to the controversy surrounding the art.

According to BBC News Africa, the lyrics seem to be about a person who only lives for themselves. Asakhe has faced criticism in the past for using Christian imagery in his music videos. In 2023, he received backlash for his video for the song ‘Bandana,’ which featured Fire boy DML.

“This video 2/10, who directed this? who accepted the idea? what a disrespect to Christianity. I wish you can try this with your own religion.” Wrote @BG_Liberty on X

Asakhe is not the only artist in the music industry who has faced criticism for using symbols connected to religious beliefs. In the past, some artists have caused controversy by featuring crosses, lambs, and snakes in their music videos, resulting in bans in certain countries.

Many music video critics ask: is there a line that musicians should not cross when creating their videos?

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