Mr Africa Zimbabwe’s Community Empowerment Drive

Mr Africa Zimbabwe’s Community Empowerment Drive

‘As Africans we can create content, which is just as great as the rest of the world,…’

Regarded as Africa’s number one male modelling pageant is to be hosted in November this year. With over 52 countries are expected to be represented, Zimbabwe will be represented by 23 year old model Mark Mabwe.

Mark Mabwe has kicked off his early campaign to the throne of winning, Mister Africa International title. In addition he has been conducting charity/community work across his country. My Afrika mag caught up with Mabwe as he provided an insight of his journey.

TR: What are your duties as Mister Africa International Zimbabwe?

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MM: My Duties as Mr Africa Zimbabwe  so far have entailed  a lot of community outreach to create a good environment for our continent.

TR: How has your journey been since you became Mister Africa International Zimbabwe?

MM: My journey has been very enlightening its taken a bit of adjusting to but it has been eye opening and has given me a lot of exposure.

TR: Who/What inspires your modelling journey to Mister Africa International?

MM: My inspiration for Mr Africa thus far has been Devson Luzain who represented  the country well in last years competition and myself as I am keen to see how well I can do up against the best the continent has to offer.

TR: The world celebrated,mental health awareness month and the boy child day .Which is part of  what you are advocating for .How are you spreading the message to the world about the importance of the two?

MM: I promote physical fitness and health which ultimately positively affects mental health and body positivity. Also on my social media I am  pushing positive affirmations and spreading light and love.

TR: What are some of the norms and traditions that the Africa culture has created that you believe have managed to establish a strong continent?

MM: The norms and culture Africa has created is the ubuntu spirit africans are so helpful and keen to serve even when the circumstances are not the best on their side either and thats one of the things i absolutely admire.

TR: You are also a musician, why did you select Rap music as part of your genre?

MM: I selected rap because it is one of the most influential and expressive genres it leaves so much room for creativity and a show of intellect through flows and story telling, I enjoy it so much.

TR: How do you balance your time from music studio, studies and modelling?

MM: Well the first thing is you really have to be passionate about what you’re doing especially if youre juggling multiple things and then the second is time management and discipline there really isn’t much to it other than that ,well from my perspective.

TR: Rap music and modelling are viewed as negative factors in the African society, how are you using the two platforms to spread positivity about Africa?

MM: Everything is subject to change, I believe people are adapting to the subtle shifts towards these things I am using my platforms to show that we as Africans can create content just as great as the rest of the world.

TR: How has your journey been since you became Mister Africa International Zimbabwe?

MM: In the music sector in Africa I would like to work with Nasty C.

TR: State your top 5 best Africa hip-hop/Rap music.

MM: My top 5 in Africa in no particular order would be; Stogie T, A Reece, Nasty C, Blcvkie, & Shane Eagle.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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