‘Dance has been classified as a way one can express their thoughts and feelings’.

We spend a day with South African multi-talented celebrity, who is a model, actor, writer and above all an international Choreographer, Kwanele Finch Thusi.


Many of you might have by now watched the movie ‘Jiva’ which has been featured at Netflix and wondered who was behind choreographing that is done during the movie.

My Afrika Magazine journalist, Tapiwanashe Rubaya, managed to spend some time with international choreographer, who was the Head of Choreographing during the production of ‘Jiva’ the movie and they had an exclusive conversation that called them to discusse about choreographing in ‘Jiva’, keeping your body in shape etc. 

TR: You are also a Choreographer, what did it mean to you being part of the head of the choreographing and coach story developer of the, Jiva which appeared at Netflix? 

KT: Jiva! Is the greatest thing I have achieved in my career; I was part of the story building team during its inception and to see the stroy now being shown in 195 countries is overwhelming and a blessing.

The team of choreographers were so amazing to work with. I really enjoyed coaching and dance coordinating more than 70 dancers and actors.

To be honest it was challenging at first, but it goes better when I knew that I was working with professionals.

TR: What lessons did you as an international Choreographer learnt from the production, Jiva? 

KT: I have worked in Swedish and European companies before such as Codarts and I have always respected their professionalism professionalism of the team but also because of the spirit of Ubuntu. 

It was joy working with my own black people, I was comfortable coming to work, I was constantly inspired, and I am greatful for the opportunity. 

TR: Can you share with us your greatest moments during the rehearsal of ‘Jiva’? 

KT: Jiva had many moments of greatness, the rehearsal process was where the blood and sweat and tears happened that no one would see, oversee. There was a moment where I was choreographing a piece for one of the scenes when ‘Ntombi’ enters the competition with her friends.

I remember getting goosebumps because the cast were so talented, and it forced me to level up and work harder. 

There were moments where I remembered my first day dance on stage and I could not stop crying, because I realised that I have come so far. It was emotional moment.

TR: Away from the world of film you have travelled across the globe which country would you like to make a tour (why)?

KT: I would like to tour Canada or work and stay in a Mediterranean, country such as Italy.

This is because I am a sealover and enjoy tropical setting.

I also enjoy Canada because because of the diverge opportunities that they give to their people.


TR: During your tours, you conduct community projects can you tell us more about them?

KT: My tours were in collaboration with DFL, an organization in Johannesburg (SA). We worked on a project that taught about HIV & Aids, relationships, and sexuality through creative arts. We toured Amsterdam, Mozambique, Sweden and across European Countries.

TR: How do you balance being a model, choreographer, digital creator? 

KT: I have learnt a lot during the years and have been trained and mentored by the best in the industry. I have a great team that can balance my work & life.

TR: Besides your prominent professional careers, you are also a writer can you share with us more about your writing experience? 

KT: My writing is very important for my mental health. 

I wrote fictional and nonfictional stories about my life experiences.

I am also an accademic and written papers that have been shown at the IESAS, which is the international association for education.

TR: What inspired your book, especially it’s title ‘Manscapes that celebrates the body in all shapes’?

KT: My book is called ‘Psychology of a Post Pandemic Mind.

The theme around it was ‘Man Escape a situation ‘. My book is inspired how the world had changed and I use fictional characters to speak about many issues in our world. I also celebrate all bodies in this book, and you will read about many different lives and what they do to keep up.

TR: Why is it important for one to keep their body in shape especially as a model? 

KT: It is very important because your body is your first ticket to get work in this new age. 

Besides work, having a healthy lifestyle and celebrating your body is by far my greatest motivation. 

TR: What advice would you give to someone who wants to keep their body in shape but are not fans of a working out? 

KT: I would say structure your diet on such a way that it provides adequate protein and nutrients.

Invest in outdoor adventures or walking to keep healthy. 

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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