Meet Kutsime talk show’s vibrant producer Connie Mazani

Meet Kutsime talk show’s vibrant producer Connie Mazani
BANNERLNG-1024x170 Meet Kutsime talk show’s vibrant producer Connie Mazani

Kutsime: Let’s Chat” is a contemporary talk show that will soon be broadcasted on Play Afrika TV platform and the show pursues to ignite discussions on various social issues that affect Zimbabweans daily. The Kutsime Talk show is hosted by Rebecca Muchenje, Natasha Burnett, Kernisha Hunzwi and features DJ Chucknosis. This publication found out more about Kutsime Show through the exclusive interview below with the producer of the show Connie Mazani (CM). 

CB:  Can you begin by telling us what the motive behind the name “Kutsime” was 

CMThe show seeks to create a platform that can ignite meaningful conversation around various social issues that affect our Zimbabwean communities. The key objective is to encourage deep discussions that build and mend relations in the workplace, at home, and the society as a whole. The name of the show “KUTSIME’’ (well or borehole) follows the narrative that this is where most of the women and men of the community go to fetch water (life). It is also where they get to meet and catch up on the community gossip, and in most instances, they update each other on current affairs, discuss and share opinions on trending issues.

CB: Which strategy did you employ to select the co-hosts?

ladies-set-1024x589 Meet Kutsime talk show’s vibrant producer Connie Mazani

CMThe selection was purely based on the fact that we needed fresh new faces for TV. So we went on a random search on Instagram for virgin characters that would complement Miss Becky as we had already sort of crafted the show with her as the main anchor.

CB: I can see there is gender equality, what inspired you to choose Dj Chucknosis amongst other males?

chucknosis-683x1024 Meet Kutsime talk show’s vibrant producer Connie Mazani

CMWe needed an unfiltered, raw male perspective. DJ Chuck is very blunt, speaks candidly, and expresses himself freely, so he was perfect for the role

CB: Which type of audience do you target?

CMOur target audience is very broad and covers all demographics but with an intentional focus on the young adults such as 18 to 40 years, locally-based, and diaspora based as well

CB: What makes your show unique from that of others?

CMThat is indeed a very hard question. I will probably put it to the talent behind the scenes.  We have one of the most passionate, committed teams working tirelessly behind the scenes to produce the best quality possible. We thrive on excellence and so we push each other to do our best. So I would say what sets us apart is great teamwork!

CB: Are there any other things that didn’t work out well during the production process?

CM:  A lot of things go wrong on set; it can be something as simple as a guest scheduled for an interview not pitching, to delays during Makeup and Hair messing up the entire schedule. Or just a general sync day where even the Presenters’ chemistry is off. The biggest fail for all of us though was premier night when we uploaded the wrong file that didn’t have the best sound quality. The whole team has over perfectionists who are very strict about quality output so yep! We felt that one.

crew-1024x683 Meet Kutsime talk show’s vibrant producer Connie Mazani

CB: Any message to share with other upcoming producers in the industry

CMJust do it, be your own worst critic and keep improving your craft, read and read some more, study others by watching and critically analyzing other productions

CB: When do we expect “Kutsime” to start showing on Play Afrika TV.

CMSoon as they give us a slot! We are ready

BANNER-1024x756 Meet Kutsime talk show’s vibrant producer Connie Mazani

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